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Found 47 results

  1. Hey Rockers, if you want to listen to the most badass rock band of the 80's that you've never heard of, go to http://riskarmy.com. The band was formed in one of the most maximum security prisons in the U.S. and composed and recorded all their music while behind bars. Check 'em out, free downloads! And a great story!
  2. Back from our family vacations! In this episode, we play "Rapid Fire" (Hard Rock music trivia), "Intellectual Poetry" (Guess the artist & song just by the lyrics), and "Cover This" (Guess who is performing the cover song). Artists discussed: Kiss, Living Colour, Ratt, AC/DC, etc... Show co-hosts: Mark (in California) and Danny (in Delaware). http://www.spreaker.com/user/4769264/hard-rocking-trivia-show-episode-102
  3. Love the band and looking forward to this release but God save me from stupid vids....
  4. What are the top 3 songs and bottom 3 songs on Quiet Riot's "Metal Heath" album? HARD ROCKING TRIVIA SHOW #99 1:00 mark - Rapid Fire (Trivia Questions) 11:40 mark - Intellectual Poetry (Guess the song just based on the lyrics) 15:10 mark - Top3/Bottom3 QUIET RIOT "Metal Health" (with music clips) http://www.spreaker.com/user/4769264/hard-rocking-trivia-show-episode-99 My picks: Bottom 3 1. Don't wanna let you go 2. Breathless 3. Run for cover Top 3 1. Let's get crazy 2. Slick Black Cady 3. Metal Health My co-host and I completely disagreed. What are your picks? . . .
  5. Newly formed heavy metal quintet GODSTONE from the Southwest UK. Debut show upcoming with local Marshall Records heavy hitters King Creature. EP upcoming in the following months. For fans of: Alter Bridge, Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry, etc. Watch us live in session: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWF0IjZjv9w Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/godstoneofficial Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/godstone_official Thanks, appreciate any support you guys can offer!
  6. Hard Rocking Trivia Show Episode #94 http://www.spreaker.com/user/4769264/hard-rocking-trivia-show-episode-94 Top 12 Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Albums of 2016! Everything from Melodic Hard Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and some Thrash! If you like what you hear please buy some of this great music. The show is hosted by Mark (in California) and Danny (in Delaware). Check out the Hard Rocking Trivia Show on Spreaker, You tube, Mixcloud, Facebook, and Twitter.
  7. http://www.spreaker.com/user/4769264/ha ... episode-92 The segment starts at the 01.22 mark. Here's the list of bands that I came up with: Top 5 80’s European Hard Rock bands that never went Gold in the U.S. (There are a lot more, but these are the ones I looked up.) The Almighty Bonfire Bronz D-A-D Diamond Head Electric Boys Girl Girlschool Gorky Park Gun Hanoi Rocks Heavy Pettin Little Angels Mama’s Boys MSG Pretty Maids Raven Rock Goddess Samson Saxon Sleeze Beez Stage Dolls Tank TNT Treat Tygers of Pan Tang Vandenberg Warlock Waysted Wolfsbane
  8. Really liking this FF metal....
  9. Hard Roking Trivia Show Episode #88 http://www.spreaker.com/user/4769264/hard-rocking-trivia-show-episode-88 Top five 70's Hard Rock Bands that never went GOLD in the U.S., but should have. Intellectual Poetry is also played featuring a band that is not exactly Hard Rock. Show co-hosts: Mark in California and Danny in Delaware. Here's the list of bands that I came up with that didn't strike GOLD in the United States. Angel BABYS Billy Thorpe Brownsville Station Budgie City Boy Derringer Free Geordie The Godz Jo Jo Gunne Legs Diamond The Runaways Max Webster Moxy New England Pat Travers Rainbow Redbone Rex Riot Slade Starz Streetheart Sugarloaf Target Teaze Trapeze UFO Uriah Heep I'm sure there are more, but that's what I came up with at the time.
  10. Pretty good metal with Lemmy like vox....
  11. HARD & HEAVY METAL HITS RADIO Playing the best Hard Rock, AOR, Melodic Rock, Heavy Metal, Nwobhm, Speed Metal, Power and Thrash Metal. 2014 new releases updated daily! Site Web: www.hardnheavymetalhitsradio.com
  12. PRIMAL FEAR - Delivering The Black (2014) German metallers PRIMAL FEAR return with their 10th slab of metal "Delivering The Black" to be released by Frontiers Records / Soulfood on January 24 in Europe and January 28 in North America. Bassist and co-founder Mat Sinner produced the new effort which is easily one of the band's most explosive records to date. Guitarists Magnus Karlsson and Alex Beyrodt are simply phenomenal with sharp, resonating riffs and melodic spiraling solos through this 10-track skull-crushing bounty CD. Before touching the skin of the material, I must mention the importance of the production factor. The pairing of Jacob Hansen at the mixing with Achim Köhler mastering along with the watchful of Mat Sinner overseeing the entire process as producer, made this new album from Primal Fear somewhat more bombastic than never. Generally, it sounds to me like an '80s kind of mix - as it has always been for this band and here it was magnificently maintained by Jacob Hansen - though the contemporary direction of the instruments. I especially enjoyed the modernized guitar sound, which on "Delivering The Black" felt even vaster, larger than life. The album kicks off in blazing style with a barrage of crisp riffage and chugging rhythms on the album opener, “King for a Day”. Sinner's bass and Randy Black's drums are like a locomotive while the dual guitar leads soar and ensnare the listener. An anthemic hooky chorus and Scheeper's gritty vocal delivery seal the deal. A dramatic intro sets the tone for “Rebel Faction” which quickly turns into a speedball of rapid-fire double bass and speed-riffing that will rattle teeth and vibrate bones. This leads us into the album's debut single, “When Death Comes Knocking”: a blasting melodious piece which begins with an acoustic intro and a mid-tempo riff. Built for arenas, this beast has a massive feel to it and an undercurrent of Arabian nuances, particularly in the bridge. Scheepers’ performance gives the song an epic melodic feel. The title cut as well as “Road to Asylum” are speeding juggernauts of pounding razor riffs and rhythms. Infectious melodies make them among the record's most memorable tracks. The tolling of the bell and cawing birds lead into an emotive piano melody on the intro to the album's near ten-minute cinematic piece, “One Night in December”, which is, if I have it right in mind, the longest song Primal Fear ever released. The track has a sumptuous sound and orchestral elements, and a lot of variations and arching melodies which makes it really special. You almost could say that a fierce CD like this also needs a ballad. Sometimes these ballads are overloaded with cliche... not in the case of Primal Fear. "Born with a Broken Heart" became a great song and an emotional ballad featuring Leaves Eyes' female vocalist Liv Kristine doing some fine backing vocals. Scheepers hits a poignant mark with his inspired delivery, and once again the guitars dance and spirit the song to new heights. Closing it all out is the battering-ram rampage of “Inseminoid”, propelled by Black's lightening quick feet and more fancy-fret axe-work by Beyrodt and Karlsson. "Delivering The Black" is easily Primal Fear's best all-around effort in nearly a decade. The last records from Primal Fear have been good yet not that solid as the first ones, eventhough pretty successful. I'm happy that I can say: this Primal Fear album belongs to the best ones the band has released so far, as all songs are carefully crafted, arranged and focused. Packed with every bombastic element a metal / hard rock fan could hope for, "Delivering The Black" not only delivers - as the name suggests, it propels you into the center of the arena, leather clad and head-banging. Killer. 01 - King For A Day 02 - Rebel Faction 03 - When Death Comes Knocking 04 - Alive & On Fire 05 - Delivering The Black 06 - Road To Asylum 07 - One Night In December 08 - Never Pray For Justice 09 - Born With A Broken Heart 10 - Inseminoid Ralf Scheepers (vocals) Alex Beyrodt (guitars) Magnus Karlsson (guitar, keyboards) Randy Black (drums) Mat Sinner (bass, vocals) Pre-Order: www.amazon.co.uk/Delivering-Black-Primal-Fear/dp/B00GC2KHJ4
  13. A lost Album from the band Victim was found. It was recorded in 1984, classic metal at it's best
  14. Hi Joel Maitoza here. I was the drummer for the funk metal band 24-7 Spyz on Atlantic/Eastwest Records on and off for about a decade. I’m reaching out to you because I have a new band called Seventrain. We just finished our debut album which will be released in the US on 2/14/2014. I would appreciate your help if you would be interested in checking out the music. The entire CD is currently available for streaming and download at www.reverbnation.com/seventrain. Feel free to share this link on your webpages. Thanks again for your time and help spreading the music! Cheers!
  15. Hey, Just want you guys to know about this Norwegian act: Ghost Avenue You can hear their title track here http://soundcloud.com/pitch-black-records/ghost-avenue-ghost-avenue Saturday, September 07, 2013Ghost Avenue - Ghost Avenue Pitch Black Records2013 Ghost Avenue, who were formerly known as simply Ghost, were formed in 2002. I'll take a wild stab in the dark here and guess that the name change had something to do with the fact that they were being overshadowed by the Swedish band Ghost (who have now changed names to Ghost B.C.). It's more perception then reality though (the one Ghost overshadowing the other Ghost) as Ghost Avenue, especially when it comes to this self-titled release, offers up a fresh take on melodic heavy metal as we'll soon see. This self-titled, 11-track LP, is the follow-up to Ghost Avenue's 2010 debut-album, "The Engraving". While that album was self-produced and self-released, which didn't stop it at all from receiving good reviews, this new disc was mixed and mastered by Vagelis Maranis at Maranis Studios in Germany. Getting extra help in the studio has only helped this group from the looks of it as this 11-track recording features one catchy track after another. Up front you've got lead vocalist Kim Sandvik who, just like many other hard rock and heavy metal singers who have come before him, has a voice that is forceful enough for guys to get into (this is heavy metal after all) and yet his voice is also smooth enough that one could easily see girls swooning over him. If that doesn't make you think of 80's hard rock and heavy metal bands then I'm not sure would! He has that same kind of raw sexuality/animal magnetism that made bands like Van Halen, Skid Row, Mötley Crüe and Guns N' Roses all too popular with the ladies of the day! Music-wise there is some of those same influences to Ghost Avenue's sound ( or more specifically Van Halen, Skid Row and Guns N' Roses), but then again there's a fair bit of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Saxon going on here to. Especially when it comes to guitarists Øystein Wiik & André Berger. Here's one of those albums where the music might be contemporary, but the lead solos seem as if they have been ripped right out of the playbooks of some real classic acts. The guitars on "Ghost Avenue" bring to mind (all at once) both G N' R and Judas Priest, but the band is neither sleazy or sinister. Reference points would be more then appropriate when talking about this Norwegian act I suppose. While it's a sound that is every bit as contemporary as they come there is still a lot of riffs that seem like they have fallen out of time and onto this album. But that just comes easy when we're talking about a talented band like this whose game-play come from such a wide range of classic acts. In a way Ghost Avenue, which also features bass guitarist Magnus Liseter and drummer Petter Lein within it's ranks, reminds me of band's like Leatherwolf, early Sinner (especially Sinner's "Danger Zone" album), Mainiax, Cities, Lions Breed, Salem UK, California's Blitzkrieg and Lion (both of which were 80's metal bands), Canada's Fist, Lady Killer and Leather Nunn. There's quite a few other reference points I'd like to add to that list, but only album art flashes through my mind and not actual band names. That's not really all that important though as Ghost Avenue, while indeed a combination of 80's heavy metal, classic hard rock, melodic metal and what not, are more about being true to themselves. That and they're more about being original than being just another mere carbon-copy of so and so's band or another retched, retro-loving act. That does bring up another point about this band as, unlike a lot of other bands these days playing a hybrid of hard rock and heavy metal (whether retro or not), the individuals in Ghost Avenue strive to be original at any and all cost! To that end they employ a lot of classic rock and roll hallmarks to their hard and heavy metal. So these guys might be flirting with eighties metal and eighties hard rock while they also flirt with the sounds of modern rock and roll. The leads might be metallic, but they are complex and catchy and man, they flat out rock! And what's metal without a little bit of melody? Ghost Avenue know how to write songs that have heavy metal's energy and attitude while also having enough melodic moments to keep this self-titled album from being too one-dimensional. It's a thing of beauty. If melody is a bad word word to you though then try not to worry so much. Norway’s Ghost Avenue can be every bit as melodic as the next melodic rock act and their music can be every bit as catchy as they want it to be (and hell if it isn't just about some of the catchiest rock-based material I've heard in awhile!). But when it comes right down to it the band end's up having more then enough balls to court the headbanging crowd! Pitch Black Records has scored big with this band and seeing as they are still somewhat young in their career, while they've also been around the block a few times, the future should point to even bigger and better things from this group. For the meantime though I'm not sure how I'm going to squeeze another killer album into my list of "The Best of 2013". It might just be that some band/album will need to be knocked aside as this 11-track album is way too fucking wild to be ignored! posted by Andy at 2:30 AM http://metalmark.blogspot.no/
  16. We currently ARE looking for new writers/contributors! If you think that you have what it takes to write for MYGLOBALMIND, send us an application with information about you, plus at least two positive and two negative reviews (never can hurt to send more) to denys@myglobalmind.com and see, if you can dazzle us with your brilliance If you are serious about this and about being a steady contributor to our site. What you need: • Extensive knowledge of many sub genres of Rock and Metal • Very good knowledge of the English language in spoken and written form • Commitment and dedication • Ability to work organized • Good time management • Ability to follow existing rules and privacy policies • Ability and willingness to continuously contribute over a longer period of time • Experience with other magazines is no disadvantage • High-speed internet connection preferred What you get: • An international team of readers and contributors that write for fans • The chance to interact internationally with fans and also musicians • The chance to find new bands and sounds • The chance to support bands and labels worldwide • The chance to write for an internationally acclaimed online magazine that averages at around 20,000 visits and more than 145,000 pageviews as well as over 350,000 hits each month. Please keep in mind that it is not as easy as some might think to write fair reviews on a constant basis, also with deadlines and all, especially as there also will be CDs that are just plain bad or simply mediocre, but still require as much attention as others... We receive a LOT of promos every month, so we will be keeping you busy on a pretty constant basis, but we try to cater to your tastes as good as beast as possible.
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