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  1. Jon Butcher Axis Stare At The Sun Jon Butcher Axis Along The Axis Along The Axis Axis 3. . John Butcher A Stiff Little Breeze The Jon Butcher Axis Experienced Positively the Blues 1996 Jon Butcher Electric Factory
  2. 2001 K-Octave Outer Limits 1998 Trampled Underfoot Trampled Underfoot 1992 Oracle Selah
  3. I think if Yes, Micheal Bolton, Kenny (disco) Loggins, Richard (Disco) Marx are on here whats wrong with Joe Walsh?
  4. This site has Deep Purple & Moxy with Tommy Bolin. No James Gang or Tommy Bolin solo. They should be added just for the history of the bands.
  5. Is Robin Trower to post?
  6. Hi, I recently added some Doogie White CD's. They didn't get added in the recent update. I'm new to this site and would like to know what I did wrong in my adds, this way I can correct any mistakes I made Thanks..
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