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  1. Heard some of the new album, I was kinda hoping they would kick it up a notch considering they did Honkin' On Bobo a few years back. This new one has quite a few spots that sound like previous songs, at least on first impression.
  2. Very funny commercial, even funnier comment about Eddie Money looking like Richard Lewis!!
  3. War & Peace - Light at the end of the Tunnel Dream Theatre - Awake Warrant - Rockaholic
  4. I loved 80s Anthrax, although Sanctuary was pretty good too. Anthrax's new album is pretty damn good as well.
  5. Would be cool to see live if they could still pull off the vocals, saw them in support of their first album in Milwaukee, and they sounded great!
  6. Might have to buy this one used...I liked Lightning Strikes Again, but Don's voice was probably the weak link on that album, ironically.
  7. Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies(Deluxe Edition) Kiss - Animalize(Japanese Pressing) KIss - Asylum(Japanese Pressing)
  8. Great White - Elation Saigon Kick - S/T Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies
  9. I agree...Long Cold Winter is probably their best, and it's probably one of the best albums to come out of that time period. I would LOVE to hear a Tom Kiefer solo album, although I'm curious to hear how his voice would sound nowadays...
  10. I have been listening to some Deep Purple again recently, love the sound of the keyboard through Marshall amps.......the band had such a great sound in the early 1970s, live and in the studio!
  11. I had to go with Guns N Roses, because it really rocked my world at that time..........Y&T, Whitesnake, The Cult and Aerosmith had really strong releases that year too. Also, Faster Pussycat's first CD came out then too, if I remember right. I saw Aerosmith on that tour with GNR as the Opener, Bon Jovi came out and did "I'm Down" with Aerosmith, must have been interesting backstage with Aerosmith, GNR and Jon BonJovi in the same area.....
  12. Cinderella - Heartbreak Station Iron Maiden - No Prayer for the Dying(Castle 2 cd)
  13. I hate to break it to Mr. Waite, but he looks "super white" to most people.
  14. Y&T - Open Fire(Japan Pressing) Neil Young - Harvest(Japan SHM pressing) Maroon 5 - It Wont Be Soon Before Long(Japan pressing) Black Sabbath - Mob Rules
  15. Surprised they had a new one out, saw them a few years ago at WI state fair with Dokken and Slaughter, Jackyl still sounded great live!
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