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  1. Love that album. Saw the ads years ago and passed on it. The picked it up for a dollar at a record store at least fifteen years ago and couldn't believe how good it was.
  2. I saw videos of DLR opening for KISS in early 2020 and while his band was good, his voice was absolutely shot. I can't imagine almost two more years have helped it any either.
  3. The problem is now that vinyl is collectible getting bargains are difficult to come by.
  4. Bought London's Nonstop Rock, Don't Cry Wolf and Live on eBay. They threw in a copy of Call that girl free and several postcards, a band pic and bumper stickers. Nadir D'Priest signed a sticker and the picture as it appears to be his label selling this stuff on eBay.
  5. Kip played on Raise your fist and yell with Alice in 87 as well.
  6. Scream until you like it by WASP
  7. This album came after several flat albums (Fly on the wall, Blow up your video). Although far from perfect it had a lot more going for it then those two previous albums and it would actually a lot better than anything since in my opinion.
  8. Tried to win tickets to it but didn't happen. Wasn't going to spend money on it. Maybe next year's line-up will be better. Although it does seem like it's been most of the same bands for some years now.
  9. Listened to it twice. It has some moments but overall it's just okay.
  10. For me Revenge hasn't aged as well as Creatures of the night and Lick it up have.
  11. I heard AC/DC's Back in black and Deep Purple's Deepest Purple in 80-81 and that started it for me.
  12. Just checked out the new George Lynch from the library, hope to listen to it late today.
  13. I look at the Heavy Roxx site frequently but have never quite gotten the nerve to order from them yet. Maybe some time.
  14. My biggest problem is the rare times that people comment about something other than the actual music on an album. London are a good example of that.
  15. Amazon prime, various eBay sellers with strong ratings and buy straight from band's Bandcamp pages too and some independent record labels.
  16. So many bands do their shirts on paper thin Gildan shirts anymore. Getting harder shirts that look and feel good.
  17. Bought the 1979 Dracula on blu-ray.
  18. Got the three Trixie CDs. I used to have them, but then couldn't find them. Must have lost them in a move.
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