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  1. The disc I specifically mentioned in my request is MITCH PERRY - 2005 - The Mitch Perry Projects by Z Records. I found it quite cheap, and BADD BOYZ s / t has a friend of mine, but he told me he doesn't sell it for anything in the world, WOW
  2. YEEAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!! The band is BADD BOYZ!!!! YES YES YES Aordave89, you are GOD GOD GOD GOD!!!!!!!! You nailed it so hard... Straight to my heart I am the happiest man in the world!!!!! I'm gonna listen to that song all the the days until CD is in my hands... I will purchase it! P.S.: I am so grateful to all the guys who dug for me throuh the hard rock vault!!!!! Aordave89 is GOD!!!!! Greetings from Bulgaria
  3. Hello friends! I listened somewhere around 2007 a terribly captivating song with such a memorable chorus that I'm still humming it !!! The song was exhibited as an mp3 on one of the sites for reviews of melodic rock bands. I don't know the lyrics of the song, the only thing I remember from the lyrics of the chorus is the infectious refrain "Na, na, na, na-a, na". The only thing I can remember from the review is that the CD was released around the early 2000s, but the song itself may have been recorded in the late 80's or early 90's. I have a vague memory that the album features musicians involved in one way or another with Paul Shortino. I am 100% sure that the band is American or Canadian ... My most sincere request is to help me find the name of the band !!! PLEASE !!!!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!
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