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  1. Thank you very much for the changes made! I have detected that it is necessary to unify musician profiles with different names as David A Saylor, David A. Saylor, David Saylor and David Antonio Saylor. They are all the same person. The same thing happens in Dirty Haris, Dirty Haris Patsos and Haris Patsos. They are all the same person. Same case in Rod Marenna and Rodrigo Marenna
  2. Hi there! Thanks so much for publishing the artist and EP. I've found some mistakes: - The artist name is capitalized: ARGI - The homepage is wrong, ":" after https is missing. This is the correct https://argi.bandcamp.com/ - In Dani Argiles Personnel section "programming" without the initial capital letter Dani Argiles lead guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboards, drum Programming Thank you very much for your work!!
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