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Hi :)

Oh I'm in my fifties; married for twenty one years; three amazing kids- brilliant adults now. Grew up in Seattle; Snoqualmie Valley but have lived in New Hampshire now for twenty three ish years. I am a huge Prince fan. But my twenties were spent in Seattle, 1990-1997 ish. Married to a brilliant guitarist in a band trying hard with some real talent at the time. But the love and appreciation of all that talent and music from back in those days haunts me! I so miss it! And I can not get one particular band and CD out of my head. I owned the CD but something happened to it. Now all I have is in my head and I would love to own the actual CD again!

Daddy Long Legs; Rain! 1993

I have accomplished several dreams I had back then; the best of which being a mother, a fourth degree marital artist/Sensei and published author (Creepy fiction / Fantasy)! Teaching karate, and writing! Yep. Add a bit of Prince-Obsession - Family including the furry ones and that's me. 

I appreciate the read!


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