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  1. Awesome. Definitely looking forward to this release.
  2. Definitely like that one. Another one for the list I think.
  3. Best and most listened to for me is definitely H.E.A.T.'s latest. Absolutely love that album. Really enjoyed: Amaranthe, One Desire, Catalano and Magic Dance in particular. Also Really Enjoyed: Dynazty Brother Firetribe Beyond The Black Bonfire Harem Scarem Mad Max Palace Allen/Olzen Ozzy Osbourne For me I've really enjoyed this year. A lot of good releases both with the sort of music discussed on these forums but outside as well. Already excited for next year for W.E.T. and Creye.
  4. Quite liked that. Will definitely keep an ear out for more.
  5. Hey. Ooh, didn't know Perfect Plan had another album, will definitely check it out. Honestly hadn't heard of Catalano until now and after hearing their work I'm annoyed I hadn't. Really good album.
  6. I'll have to agree with other people here and say Rise by H.E.A.T. That song has got me through the mess that is this year so far and most likely will see me through the rest. To be honest most songs on that album could do it (Come Clean, One By One, Nothing to Say), I really love that album.
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