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  1. Digging this. Would love to hear whole album with these remixes tbh.
  2. Can't wait for this. One of my favourite AOR Indies out there. Every song is great on Spin this. Can't wait to hear bonus tracks. Also,the production was quite great for an indie. If I understand correctly,they will first release Spin this plus 3 bonus tracks. And later this year brand new album. I'm excited. Glad to see them come back.
  3. Angelica - Walkin' in faith Awesome Christian melodic rock. Every song has incredible hooks and chorus,and guitar player is awesome. My favourite album by them.
  4. Anybody else love these guys? They released two albums,first one in '91 and second in '92. This second one is in my opinion better of the two. Their sound is kinda like a mix between Nelson,Giant and on ballads they sound quite westcoast too. They even had Dan and David Huff playing on this album. Songs like title track,change your world and walk on water are upbeat melodic rockers. While Will I find love,when all else fails and someday are gorgeous ballads with some huge harmonies. Recommended stuff if you like Giant,Nelson or Tyketto.
  5. Jagged Edge - Fuel for your soul. Great bluesy melodic rock with mighty Matt Alfonzetti on vox.
  6. Those are the ones that comes to mind: RoadHouse Big Talk (Sweden) Bridge 2 far Atlantic Parber&Kerstein Outrider Big blue Chase Wall of silence Bounce the ocean Emergency Metropolis T'Bell Ballard Among thieves Guardian angels Big easy Network Seasons in color What if Worral New Frontier Joseph Lee Wood Walk the wire Fake ID Sahara Inside out Rhythm house Hericane alice LA Cowboys From the fire Bite the bullet Intuition White wolf Pride (Sweden) Bam bam boys
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