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  1. Not as good as previous covers. Also I think "Don't be afraid of your dreams" is much better tune by Go west. Haunting chorus on that one.
  2. This is shameful. Impeachment 2 times,even if its only few days left until Trump is out of office. Question is why? What is purpose of this? To completely humiliate,degrade not only Trump,but any conservative,any non leftist out there. Also big tech comisars as I call them from now on,like that twitter owner or mark suckenburg. These same people and companies didn't reacted when blm members and followers were saying "gonna burn down whole neighbourhoods,idgaf" and similar bullshit. But now,they make such drama out of this. Parler server is shut down by amazon. Th
  3. You're not the only one man. I just heard this for the first time,I'm blown away!!! Especially by Bradford youth gang. It's catchy as fuck!!!! When was this originally recorded/released?
  4. Here are some of my faves. Feel free to check em out.
  5. This is great. Catchy,simple,and on point. My faves currently are: Way up here,Eleonora (reminds me of T'Bell),Hot steel (Magical chorus),Origin of love (Very Harem Scarem like) and closer Fight,which might be my number one,stunning chorus here.
  6. Some of my faves,some have longer,epic intros,some are simply too catchy: Magnum - Days of no trust Van Halen - Dreams Atlantic - Can't hold on White sister - Promises Ac dc - Hells bells GNR - November rain WASP - Inside the electric circus Winger - In the day we'll never see Theocracy - Tower of ashes Iced earth - Melancholy 1st Avenue - Going for the gold Cutting crew - The scattering Avantasia - Sign of the cross Roxus - Stand back Ensiferum - Into battle Helloween - Invitation/Eagle fly free Asia - Arena
  7. My faves are: LeBrock of course,these guys have that urgent type of sound I like so much. FM 84/Ollie Wride- Love them,especially Ollies voice,soulful and with style. The Midnight - probably best of the bunch when it comes to instrumental tunes. Michael Oakley - Another great vocalist with some very AOR influenced tunes. Kristine - Another one of my faves. At 1980 Bad dreamers Timecop 1983
  8. Well not sure if it would be approved here,but it's surely catchy as fuck. And certain tunes really bring that 80s AOR vibe,late night drive,city lights type of thing. I really can't wait for their album,gonna be blast.
  9. I really loved Vega,Passion album,TMF,Gathering of kings,Brother Firetribe,HEAT was also nice,although not better than Adress the nation,One desire was nice but not better than previous one,JSS was imo decent but not even close to say Damage control. I really am looking forward to LeBrock album,these boys are great surprise,WET one and Midnite city too.
  10. As someone who's from Europe too. I can't help but wonder why is mainstream media,and that includes CNN,NBC,Washington post,NY times,Nowthis,BBC news,etc so much against Trump and conservative values. Looking at all the news (or most at best) in last 4 years. There was rarely one that would portray Trump at least in a bit positive light. On the other hand,They NEVER posted anything negative about Biden,about Kamala,about crazy cow as I call her AOC,about commie Bernie,etc. All of their news and comments are always followed with "They are correct,Orange man bad" attitude. Ev
  11. This one is great! I love the chorus. Definitely better than most of the last album.
  12. I just discovered this little gem on YouTube. Greek Melodic hard rock band,they released only this EP back in '92. It includes 5 tunes on it,sound is typically early 90s MHR. My favourites are this one: Sounds like Tyketto alot. Even singer remind of Danny Vaughn,cool opener. This one: Most AOR sounding of the bunch,very melodic chorus,love it. This one: Sounds like something from BJs debut just edgier. And title track: This one's ballad of the album,quite haunting chorus.
  13. I really like that underwater tune,great chorus. But just like Alphamale noticed,production is just incredibly weak,anemic I would say.
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