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  1. Love Savatage. Especially Streets,Edge of thorns and Handful of rain albums caught my attention.
  2. Definitely my fav. by them. Face down in the gutter,don't say no,when I find love,fire and water,off to the sun. So many kick ass tunes,and an huge production.
  3. For me both CDs are essential. Out of the silence being an AOR classic,this one an melodic hard rock classic. They were never able to top first two cds. Similarly to Giant.
  4. Indeed,this is classic by all means!!! No bed of roses,she's evil,sweet sister mercy,through these eyes,title track all awesome tunes,killer production.
  5. Love all of those! Especially Till Wild,Foret de vin and Yoru. Awesome stuff.
  6. Love this album. So many great songs,and David Reece is excellent as always. This is great example of how melodic hard rock should sound.
  7. Great album. Find another way,Come play the game and Bad reputation are all killer Melodic rock cuts. Hold on to tonight is epic ballad. Can't catch me is heaviest here. Also I LOVE drum sound on this album so much.
  8. Yes,Ole is songwriter for many different artists/producer too. Some of his best works are Returns V album,1992,Swedish Erotica debut and also Sha booms-Lets party (although that one is very pop rock oriented,not much depth but some catchy tracks. But Return ans Swedish Erotica are imo classics.
  9. Definitely my fav. Europe album. Halfway to heaven,Talk to me,Girl from Lebanon,title track,Seventh sign and Homeland are my faves. There are also bunch of demos from this era,all excellent. Some should have been on this album,but oh well.
  10. Poetic justice is one of my fav. albums ever and it literally changed my life. Lillian Axe is one of those bands with really unique,personal sound that makes you want to live.
  11. No man's land,Spell I'm under,Blind revolution mad,Who's the one. My faves. Great album indeed.
  12. I prefer Evenrude versions too. They just turned these songs to some "garage" type of sound. What you think of Sha boom versions?
  13. Great list,man. Glad to see someone doing this. All right. Here are some from the top of my mind. Dream police:When the sun goes down,Surrender. Magnum (UK): Lights burned out,Les morts dansant,Need alot of love,When the world comes down,Cry for you,Back in your arms again. Masquerade: Sudden love affair. Toys of joy: When the rain falls down,Leaves. West of sunset: Before I trust my heart. Virgin steele: Cry forever,Never believed in goodbye. Heavens gate: Best days of my life. Worral: You know. Mama's boys: Running away FM : Every time I
  14. All night long by Silent Rage. That chorus is superb as is this whole album. These guys were so good.
  15. Great release. In fact probably my fav. along with Rise up. I love every tune here.
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