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  1. For me,one of the best Christian MHR albums. Everything I love about early 90s MHR,stunning choruses,great guitar work,pounding drums. Their best album easily.
  2. One of the best Westcoast AOR releases...and what a perfect summer anthem.
  3. One of my favourite Enuff z nuff tunes. What a hook! And for me their last great album...
  4. I may be in minority here but this is actually my favourite Jaded heart album. Don't know why,but I guess they perfected MHR formula here.
  5. I never cared much about this guy,but his new album Sob rock is really catchy. Very early 80s vibe but still sounding fresh. Some of my favourite tunes.
  6. Wow. That's an awesome tune!!!! Should have been on the album. heard it for the first time,love it.
  7. Any love for Mike and the mechanics? Catchy as fuck.
  8. I love this. Easy listening,melodic,short and on point.
  9. Dig it. Especially Once upon a time,Don't even know I'm alive and This heart of stone sound as good as anything on Head games or Double vision,or even Long hard look.
  10. It's pretty complicated topic. On one side,it may be good for new generations to experience these bands music (especially live),but on the other,just like lettard said what if they only play older stuff,and it feels as just a cover band (which at one point it will be).
  11. This guy released two albums and disappeared. Great westcoast AOR.
  12. Simply killer album,along with Bangalore Choir best David Reece work! Can't get enough of these tunes.
  13. Always the right time for some Kane Roberts...
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