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  1. One of the best albums this year...
  2. Another killer album... love Alfonzettis vocals so much...so much power and emotion.
  3. Great stuff... Avalon-Everyman a king,recently remastered by Rock candy.
  4. Love this band and this album...incredible production,incredible guitar by mister Schenker.
  5. Honestly,for me it's not nostalgia thing,since I'm 25 but I guess I love some synthwave,not all,sometimes I find it too electronic and bubbly indeed but there are some first class artists with actual talent/great songs in there. Some of my favs:
  6. Love this band.... Kai Swan has killer set of pipes
  7. Another killer Canadian group....what a song...
  8. His debut solo album and his best...
  9. Killer album with mighty Danny Vaughn on vox.
  10. One of my fav. Night ranger albums...love this song...
  11. Killer MHR!!! This whole album is for me brilliant. Can't stop listening.
  12. I know many people don't like them,but this album of Chicago is their most AOR sounding,with that huge rocking production by Ron Nevison,check out drums in this song. Pure heaven.
  13. Lean into it is already class album,but this song makes it even better. IMO one of their best!
  14. Definitely their finest yet! At least for me. More diverse. Fav tracks:Fire inside,falling to pieces,darkest before the dawn and don't need another heartache.
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