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  1. Oh my God. That tune is so catchy and addictive. Love it!! Now listening to their 2018 album,current faves are The Outfield,American nights,Back in the vain,Summerland and Coffee and cigarettes. I love how these guys sound. Also production is so great,always appreciate to hear quality produced works.
  2. This will be a long ass list,I'm 25 but I'm crazy for 80s,early 90's melodic rock/AOR/Westcoast/Glam/Hard n heavy: Dare - Runaway FM - Dream that died Warrant - Thin disguise Kiss - My way Dokken - Lightning strikes again Giant - I'll be there when it's over Slaughter - You are the one White lion - Living on the edge Cinderella - Take me back Nelson - Bits and pieces Steelheart - all your love Tesla - Changes Alias - Heroes Helloween - March of time GNR - Locomotive Tyketto - Burning down inside Journey - Suza
  3. Pretty maids - Lethal heroes. White Lion - Mane attraction West of sunset - S/T
  4. Love these guys! And I think they cover great topics too. Also they have sense of humour. I just saw that an girl from UK apparently lost her job cause her boyfriend flew a white lives matter banner on a football match. And since she didn't want to talk to racist coach (what the fuck?),they fired her. This is racism right there boys!!! And I can't imagine this happening if this was reversed
  5. An ok tune. Honestly already done thousand times before tho.
  6. It's decent little tune. But I expect more from Stryper. We'll see how the rest of the album will be.
  7. Harlot - Room with a view. One of my fave Scandi AOR releases. These guys sound like perfect mix between Dalton and DaVinci. Rude - Touch it. Probably fave Canadian indie. Very reminiscent of Harem Scarem,with some Tyketto feel as well. Vega - Grit your teeth Love these guys and this is probably my fave album by them yet.
  8. Walk on fire - Blind faith. IMO one of the greatest AOR albums from UK. So many awesome tunes here,Wastelands,Heart of gold,Caledonia,Hands of time,Miracle of life,Close my eyes,Blind faith,etc. Love the voice of Alan King. Kane Roberts - Saints and sinners Killer melodic hard rock with huge choruses and great solos. Jude Cole - Start the car I love this guys music,bit of AOR,bit of blues,bit of heartland rock but always first class.
  9. Among Thieves -S/T Awesome Australian westcoast AOR,they sound like a mix between Toys of Joy,Toto and Noiseworks. I dig the production job too.
  10. You know what's the most hypocritical thing of all? When other countries,join in so called "protests". For example,UK. Where Emily Jones,7 year old girl,had her throat cut by black female migrant,in an public park,in the middle of the day. I never saw any single riot or even peaceful protest for this truly innocent girl. No headline either,guess it's because she was white kid. Also David Dorn,black police officer killed by black lives matter supporters while protecting an store from looting. Again,no headline here. If you want equality,you must show EVER
  11. Digging this. Would love to hear whole album with these remixes tbh.
  12. Can't wait for this. One of my favourite AOR Indies out there. Every song is great on Spin this. Can't wait to hear bonus tracks. Also,the production was quite great for an indie. If I understand correctly,they will first release Spin this plus 3 bonus tracks. And later this year brand new album. I'm excited. Glad to see them come back.
  13. Angelica - Walkin' in faith Awesome Christian melodic rock. Every song has incredible hooks and chorus,and guitar player is awesome. My favourite album by them.
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