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  1. Actually I’m m just stating facts and reality to a post that was posted inaccurately. I don’t care whether Steve Nunemacher sees or responds. It’s about time the facts are stated and this figment of his own imagination comes to fruition. Trust me that somehow, some way he will get it and it’s all good. Does it really bother you that I’m able to state things you have no concept or actual existence in? I certainly hope you’re not taking offense and can understand my respect for the truth. Thanks for your input.
  2. What a beautiful tribute. Although I never knew Johnny like so many others, I met him and thought he was a very nice person. The fact that you reference GOD so much worries me knowing that there are so many half truths to this story. I guess it’s hard for me to understand why you would fabricate such a story on such an untimely tragedy. Johnny Vines was a great man, man of GOD and a singer in fact. To glorify him as the original lead singer of Lillian Axe is actually a blatant lie. I’m not sure what GOD you serve Steve Nunemacher (sorry that’s your legal name and I’m not doing stage), my GOD
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