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  1. Guess I must have heard wrong then....
  2. Jon Schlitt is pretty much the man, even though I don't identify with his particular conservative brand of Christianity. Without exposure to his era of Petra as a kid, I probably would have never gotten into vocalists with similar ranges such as Lizzy Borden, Joey Tempest, Midnight, Bruce Dickinson, Steve Perry, Klaus Meine, Claus Lessman, Bernhard Weiss, and others.
  3. I thought the Cars was technically new wave? Oh well, good song anyhow. Rainbow -Stone Cold The Storm -To Have and to Hold Whitesnake -The Deeper the Love Deep Purple -Love Conquers All Quiet Riot -Don't Wanna Be Your Fool McAuley-Schenker Group -This Night is Gonna Last Forever Survivor -The Search is Over King Kobra -Tough Guys Don't Cry
  4. I've been into AOR/melodic rock music for well-over a decade, but there are still some terms out there I'm not completely clear on. For example, what defines West Coast AOR and East Coast AOR other than the location of the bands? Is there a difference in sound? What bands are the best examples of each?
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