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  1. This is the current Dokken line-up Don Dokken, 'Wild' Mick Brown, Jon Levin, Chris McCarvill. That's whose playing the Dokken set but my understanding is that George will join Don at the end to play a short set of Dokken songs.
  2. Response about Dirty Looks line-up. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/dirty-looks-is-back-first-2020-shows-announced/
  3. Just got tickets to see Sammy Hagar and the Circle, Whitesnake and Night Ranger in the Summer. There's a show coming up in June at a winery about two hours away with Dokken, Warrant, Jack Russell's Great White, April Wine, Firehouse and others. Thinking about going to that one, but not sure yet.
  4. Now the Tracii/Phil version has a new lawsuit against Steve's version. https://loudwire.com/l-a-guns-band-name-lawsuit/
  5. I don't own a record player any more but want to get one because I have about 500 albums. Mostly metal, hard rock and punk. I live in a small town and there's still three record stores (as in mostly or all vinyl) within 15 minutes.
  6. Original Bulletboys lineup appeals to me more than does Ratt with just Stephen and Juan.
  7. Saw Edgar Winter, Alice Cooper and Deep Purple a couple of years ago. Edward Winter was good, Alice Cooper was great. I love Deep Purple but a few lines into the opener Highway Star and Ian Gillan was struggling bad and coughing. This continued for several songs with him even leaving the stage for a while and the band having to improvise until he returned. After about five songs of that we left. A lot of others were doing that too. I think more people were there to see Alice Cooper. Maybe he had a cold or maybe it was just age and he can't do it anymore, but either way it was disappointing.
  8. I found them, it was Queeny Blast Pop. Thanks!
  9. Trying to remember the name of a sleaze-glam band. I had their albums downloaded years ago. They were a mid 90s band and I had two albums of theirs downloaded, but I think they were mostly demos. I remember them sounding sort of like Peppermint Creeps but heavier. They had multicolor hair and wild outfits. I know that's kind of vague but any ideas?
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