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  1. There's this dude on a fan website called thepetrazone.net and he likes to jump on every post I make and add his own 'opinion' or thoughts on it, which of course sounds perfectly fine but he never has a positive answer to what I post!! It's always something to disagree or turn something down, and it's so frustrating!!!!!!!!! I've been taking a break from it--(I used to go on there pretty much every day, so it's sitting on my front screen in my bookmarks and it's VERY hard to resist) He told me I need to 'grow up' & 'get a thicker skin' & 'face the real world' which is pretty humiliating & embarrassing, since 1.The whole petrazone can see it, since it wasn't a PM or anything. 2.I don't get offended by anything, and kind of pride myself on being more grown up than most people my age (I'm 13) these days. So being told I need to get better at both is terrible. 3.Who really wants to be told that, especially by the most annoying person ever, and IN FRONT OF 825 Petheads?!? Not me.  I really hope that Brent doesn't have an account on here too 🙆‍♀️

    But I'll actually have to thank him when I go back on & I have no idea where to start on it especially since I DO NOT want to, but it's necessary since he made me notice how I do need to 'grow up'.

    Peace & love, guys, lov'n the flamefest!! 

  2. 44 minutes ago, martinsane said:

    Those 2 are definitely go to's!


    Toss in:

    Sea Hags-S/T 

    Salty Dog-Every Dog Has Its Day,

    Warrior Soul-Last Decade Dead Century

    Enuff Z Nuff- S/T and/or Peach Fuzz and/or 1985

    Stryper-Above The Law

    Y&T- Open Fire

    Protein-Songs About Cowgirls


    Balaam & the Angel-Live Free or Die

    The Dwarves-Are Young & Good Looking (but any will do)

    Kings X-Gretchen Goes to Nebraska

    Teeze (akaRoughhouse)-S/T

    Fastway-Trick or Treat Soundtrack

    Pretty Boy Floyd-Leather Boys with Electric Toyz

    Metal Church-S/T


    Nelson-After The Rain

    The Gin Blossoms-New Miserable Experience or Congratulations I'm Sorry

    Kix-S/T or Cool Kids or Midnight Dynamite, but mostly the S/T and Cool Kids


    Culprit-Guilty As Charged

    Heavy Pettin-Lettin' Loose

    Skid Row-S/T or Slave or Subhuman for that matter, but mostly S/T and Slave

    Tesla-Mechanical Resonance and The Great Radio Controversy!


    These would all be go to play through no skippy.




    Against the Law is a great album😎😎

  3. Nice, I haven't exactly listened to everything, because I don't like how their sound changed later on either, and I prefer their harder stuff with John, Greg's a little bit more synthy, and I don't like that as much- it's not Petra to me. I'm collecting all albums from Back To The Street through Wake Up Call. I just need On Fire!, This Means War!, & Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out. Then I'll be complete- but I want Beat The System too, once I'm done with collecting the John albums I want I'll listen to more of Greg's stuff. 

  4. Comment if you're a Petra fan 😁😁

    For those of you who commented, when was the moment you became a Petra fan? Did you grow up with it perhaps? A friend recommended them? You bought the album for fun? Whatever your story, I'd like to hear it! Also, if you're not already a member, you should check out thepetrazone.net- it's a great place for Petra fans!! 


    Its completely free to join, so let people know you're a Petra fan by registering!! =D =D =D 

    Diehardpetrafan: ) is my username btw for those of you who are interested ;P

    I became a Petra fan by hearing Unseen Power in March and wanting to hear the whole thing on YouTube in April I instead found this: 

    And then I was hooked for three months straight! : D

    Love hearing from ya! 

  5. On 3/10/2019 at 12:39 AM, Darkstone said:

    Christian Rock..... The final frontier. The only genre of our music that i've neglected is this one. I love Stryper and Impellitteri, but that's about it. It's funny, I'm quite happy to listen to a song about the Devil, but there's something about Christian music that irks me. I think it's the pretentiousness. No offense to anyone. I guess what I'm after is what you guys consider the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to Christisn Melodic Hard Rock/Metal. Nothing too preachy. Something that you wouldn't necessarily know was Christian Rock unless you wete told. I've heard good things about Guardisn and I like AdrianGale. Is Guardian worth pursuing? 

    Guardian is definitely worth it!!! I love Christian classic  rock though so don't ask me, sadly 

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