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  1. Guardian is definitely worth it!!! I love Christian classic rock though so don't ask me, sadly
  2. This is a little bit hard, but Rex Carroll is pretty good!
  3. Oh gosh, well right now there's quite a few! Here's a link to my ever changing playlist of them https://open.spotify.com/user/bellarina12106/playlist/5AX4M3tDRHSiajkNq62OTz?si=KSW_9YeiRnmld0V40uVJdg Noelle ~ Daniel Amos It's amazing and very head sticky!
  4. Born again Christian without a religion, just a relationship : ) 

    Petra fanatic and pethead -

    Diehardpetrafan: )@thepetrazone.net 

    Michael sweet lover 

  5. Here are some additions to your list of bands on Heavens Metal's home page \/ Magdallan, Daniel Amos, Geoff Moore and the Distance, Glen Allen Green, David Mullen, Charlie Peacock, Phil Keaggy & Greg X. Volz. Also, Angelica is a Canadian band. Love this website; )
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