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  1. What program are used to create these animations???
  2. Hello!!! How are you???. This is my humming: It's a rock song from the 1990's or 2000's. I don't know the lyrics, so I made a humming for the son's intro and another humming for the melodies of the song's chorus. The intro could result you some familiar. Please, try to identify it and tell me who is the artist and song's title. I think it is one of the several ballads made for a hard rock artust from the 90's that decided to "slow down" and make a quiet glam rock song. Anothee question: Roxette could be consideeed a hard rock band or a simple pop band??? Greetings - Nicolás Matías Funtalas
  3. The radio station categorizes it as "smooth AOR music", but I think that AOR music includes electric guitars. This song doesn't!!!
  4. These gif's are really funny!!!. A message I heard in the song and it's realistic: "Don't believe what the people say". I don't believe in myself. Would I believe in the people???. HAHAHA!!!
  5. Hello, friends!!! Please, listen to it and enjoy: https://youtu.be/c2PgnyDJaSo I'd like to know who is the artist and the song's title. It's not a hard rock song, but it sounds like an old AOR ballad that uses piano. It sounds like Randy Goodrum, but I cannot find this song by this artist. Another question: Can we consider Roxette as a "HARD ARMONY" or simply it's smooth music???. Greetings to everybody and I hope that the crap of Coronavirus goes away. Se are tired for it!!! Nicolás Matías Funtalas.
  6. I think it's AOR music: Please, try to ID it and tell me who is the artist and the song's title. Thanks! - Nicolás Matías Funtalas.😀😀😀💙💙💙
  7. Excuse me for my mistake. CLIMB is from U.S.A. Not from Canada!!!
  8. An AOR band: CLIMB. I beñueve that they're Canadian. Horizonte plays some songs of this "obscure" band. They has an album called Back in action again!!!
  9. Yes. Radio Horizonte plays old obscure songs, including old AOR songs. You won't find only obscure trash music, AOR music too. Any kind of music. You can go to Google Play, download the app Horizonte 94.3 and enjoy. I want to tell you that my intention is not to spam, I am only telling you about an Argentinian Internet radio station that plays any kind of music. This radio station started on 1986 and "died" on 2001, being now Radio Disney, but I remember those times where I frequently dialed this radio station (94.3). I had prepared a virgin cassette. When an interesting song started to play, I pressed the red REC button. I still have a collection of old cassettes stored in a box with recording from the old Horizonte 94.3 radio station!!!
  10. I tried using Shazam and Soundhound without getting results. I sent to them a protest email. Ehy much songs isn't in their databases???
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