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  1. I cannot get info about the 3rd song. Hahaha!!!
  2. Could he be an African-American singer???
  3. Hello, friends!!! I Please, listen to it: Please, try to identify it and tell me who is the artist and the song's title. I hope you enjoy it. Obscure songs are awesome for me. I don't understand why the lyrics website does not add those song lyrics and why Shazam, SoundHound or other track ID systems don't put those songs in their databases in order to tag it to get the desired information. How are you??? Greetings! - Nicolás Matías Funtalas.
  4. Thank you very much!!!. I like you enjoy the songs of my links too. I hope you enjoy it. It's awesome
  5. Hello again!!! Who coulb be the artist and what's this song's title??? Enjoy it!!! Nicolàs Matías Funtalas.
  6. The instrumental part of the song I was trying to play in the link I posted in this thread is an orchestra. The song was sung by a male voice (Style Frank Sinatra, Low Rawls, Tony Bennett, etc.). This is the reason of the thread title. We could consider the singer as a "crooner". The song has a part where the rhythm changes to a slow jazz style. The song is mainly in the key of C Major. But well. I only remember this melody of the song. So, it's hard to identify. Hahaha. I had to change my user, because I logged out and when I tried to log in again, I forgot my username and password!!! I think that the song I'm trying to "represent" in this thread is a 60's or 70's easy listening/crooner's style. But, Well. Unfortunately I only remember this melody of the instrumental part. I admit that it is HARD to identify, but... The song combines a melodic style and slow jazz (It has parts where the rythm changes
  7. Hello! i want to know who is the female singer that appears at the end of the song "It's gonna a lovely day" of The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M II know that she's not Michelle Visage. She hasn't this VERY powerful voice. The voice that appears at the ending of this awesome song is from a female African-American singer (I imagine). Greetings!!!
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