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  1. With The Pre Order of Platinum Overdose "Murder In High Heels" in full swing we wanted to offer everyone a extra treat! T-shirts are now available! https://www.demondollrecords.com/collections/platinum-overdose
  2. Thank you very much for the kind words we all truly appreciate it. If you have a FB page, hit the like button for the Platinum Overdose page
  3. Brand New Release from Demon Doll Records! Breakout the Aqua Net & Spandex it's 1986 again! https://platinumoverdose.com/home
  4. Brand New Demon Doll Release! Pre Orders available now! https://platinumoverdose.com/home
  5. https://www.demondollrecords.com/products/5-guns-west-bad-boys-rock-n-roll-2019-reissue
  6. https://www.demondollrecords.com/products/5-guns-west-bad-boys-rock-n-roll-2019-reissue
  7. Check out the reissue if you get a chance. Completely remastered. Sounds phenomenal
  8. Awesome story! Thanks for sharing! Yes, please do pick it up If you get a chance. Completely remastered! Sounds phenomenal!
  9. That's awesome! This one has been completely remastered! Sounds phenomenal!
  10. https://www.demondollrecords.com/products/dirty-blonde-passion-2019-reissue
  11. Just released! https://www.demondollrecords.com/products/dirty-blonde-passion-2019-reissue
  12. This was released in 1995. good friends of mine from North Carolina. seek this out forsure!
  13. Thank you We were honored to reissue that one
  14. The official video release from GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS "Blood Shed Twist" from the 2017 Self Titled Reissue available @ Demon Doll Records https://www.demondollrecords.com/
  15. 2017 Electric A Go Go Records Distributed thru Demon Doll Records https://www.demondollrecords.com/products/starander-hobo-queen-wallet-packaging
  16. The only reason the tracks weren't included on the release is because they were in such bad sound quality that we just didnt feel right adding them. They are great songs forsure. Unfortunately sound quality was the deciding factor
  17. full length album by Australia's most notorious glam band CELAFAIN VAIN! 2018 Electric A Go Go Records distributed thru Demon Doll Records. https://www.demondollrecords.com/products/celafain-vain-glamour-kills
  18. Big Sale going on right now thru May 13th! $6-$8-$10-$12 clearance sale. Over 100 titles. https://www.demondollrecords.com/
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