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    Vangouw - Passion Rules

    Hi guys, I am so happy with all of your reviews. Oh by the way: I am Gerard Vangouw, singer of the band Vangouw...now in my 50-ties but still rocking. I have got some great news for those who are interested. I struck a deal with our former record company to re-release Passion Rules for a period of 3 years and (unfortunately) again for 500 copies only. This due to the fact that 4 recordings are still the property of the record company. But...because of the many requests, I thought this was pretty sweet. Available at amazon.com for $9,95 only this time. The guys from the band are also happy with this and with all your reviews. Have a good day and leave your thoughts. Oh yeah...I am thinking about releasing a cd with demo versions of some of the songs on passion Rules. Also, this cd should contain some unpublished songs. But remember, this is really demo quality! Also playing with the idea of releasing some live versions on it. Please, give me your feed back and tell me what you think. Thanks again!

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