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  1. It was not at all about musical differences. I was at Michaels 50th bday party a few years back (I was once on their road crew) and he brought some lady who is strange and cultish in her appraoch to faith. When I announced our departure from the party she became very combative with me. She is definitely not biblical in her "expression of faith". One of the the other band members shared a lot of information as to the sway this strange self professed prophet lady has on Michael. He still affirms this same radical belief system, but is back "in the fold" of BC. I guess the sound was more important than the truth. I had an extended "debate" with Mike over his theology once via email. When I did not respond to his efforts to turn me to his thinking he severed our relationship. Michael's beliefs are aberrant at the very best. As a little legal nod to this sight, these views are my own and do not express the experience or opinions of this site (Which I am new to)
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