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  1. it's a loophole to get fake tracking numbers here's a similar old ebay scam on how it works: https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/About-Protections/Scammed-on-eBay-Another-fake-tracking-number-used-to-scam-me/td-p/1109334
  2. that's the big question and why it ended up in Germany. I bought a few times from him on ebay without problems but last year something similar happened with a trade between me and Mike. He received my CD within 7 days but tracking for the package I was supposed to receive showed it was delivered somewhere on the other side of my country at an unknown mystery location. He said he misplaced all the paperwork so he couldn't open a search at the post office. Needless to say I never got the CD I originally wanted, at least he offered to send a different CD as a replacement which I received immediately but of course it wasn't the specific one that was originally agreed upon.
  3. not sure but I think one was Grimlord and the other the same as here. with two similar e-mail addresses (one gmail and the other hotmail)
  4. I'm trying to register on the main site for years now (to be able to leave comments on certain CDs). Everytime I do I'm getting the "password has been sent to your e-mail", but nothing ever arrives. I've tried with gmail or hotmail addresses, nothing works (not in SPAM either). Is that section dead or what's up?
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