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  1. Check out the Review of Metallica @ Manchester Arena 28th October 2017 By Mark Bedford. Photographs By John Mather that is now on Metalliville Zine! https://www.metallivillezine.com/metallica-manchester-arena-oct-2017
  2. Check out the Interview on Metalliville Zine with the Legendary 'Michael Schenker' who hits the UK in November with the Michael Schenker Fest feat. Robin McAuley, Graham Bonnet and Gary Barden all on lead vocals! New album out in March next year on Nuclear Blast! https://www.metallivillezine.com/michael-schenker
  3. Help out our Brother, Stet Howland former drummer of WASP and now of Metal Church! https://www.gofundme.com/stet-howland-cancer-treatment-fund Diagnosed with Lymphoma and needs chemo!
  4. Check out the Interview with Rowan Robertson, Guitarist of Raiding The Rock Vault, DC4 and Bang Tango as well as a former member of DIO. https://www.metallivillezine.com/rowan-robertson
  5. I have listened to the songs available but looking forward to the others in full. Check out other interviews on www.metallivillezine.com Thanks, Glenn
  6. The Interview took place on 13th September 2017 and now on Metalliville Zine! Find out what Deen has to say about the new Revolution Saints album 'Light In The Dark'; The Road to Recovery; NAMM, thoughts about Journey and much, much more (Click on the weblink)... https://www.metallivillezine.com/deen-castronovo
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