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  1. And sometimes goes on and on and on

    1. AlphaMale


      In my head I've got everything I want in you.....

  2. A fate sealed in red

    1. AlphaMale


      A .45 to the head

    2. AmMaLaYa


      Can just about say anything here lol

  3. Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!!

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    2. nyoilers


      If I have milk it's 1% but I'm into Starbucks.Black with sugar-I'm talking coffee ! And  I do like a nice muffin every now and then

    3. AlphaMale


      A woman after my own heart! 

      And a great sense of humor.

    4. AmMaLaYa


      I love Starbucks, but creamers are made for people who can't have milk so I never have a problem

  4. Don't be shy, I am NOT, I love meeting new people so feel free to stalk me :lol:



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