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  1. The title question says it all.Have you ever wrote a song?Played it?Recorded it?Let us know.I wrote a song but since I cant read music or play any instruments,its stuck in my head.Peace...
  2. Love the site but one thing that I don't understand is why isn't Alan Merrill or the Arrows on the Heavy Harmonies A-Z list?I would assume that legendary rock musicians like that would be a perfect fit and have a home on the site?Your thoughts...
  3. Hey guys I really need your help I really enjoy that late 80s early 90s Sunset Strip(?) sound.However I'm not sure if it's even called that.So im gonna post 5 videos and from that would you be able to identify the name of my musical taste because I cant seem to pin it down.Please be as descriptive as possible.
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