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  1. Even before Vega I liked some songs that Martin brothers wrote for other projects. But then I tried, listened on youtube or streams but it was too little to make me a fan or buy album, actually I found the singers voce a little annoying. So the other day after listening to some other songs, the youtube went on auto play and I took notica about some catchy chorus. It was Vega:Dont fool yourself. And now the full album is here and I can hardly find a bad song on it, it is such joy to listen to it every day, hooks, very good production , more hard guitars than before and the vocals I learned to appreciate. _Next step will be to concentrat on their older work, if I will like it more now. A big surprise for me, but probably one of my top 5 albums of the year.
  2. For sure better than his solo stuff projects.. And he has another more proper band Resist and bite, they released one single I am glad he returned to recording new music.
  3. Ladder - Sacred was excellent, I share that
  4. there are so many unknown variables. I read article there are over 100 private and national teams each developing its own vaccine. But even if we get a good efficient vaccine, there are already lots of people claiming this is conspiracy, they dont accept mandatary vaccine, so how many % of population be vaccinated ? efficient app would help a bit as South Korea apparently has it, but again people in West would unlikely use it in large %.
  5. lecko


    we had this shop policy with queus outside and only few shoppers inside for 2 week in all shops, govrnment orders
  6. it is different, the live vibe from spectators and banter among band members is a bit missing but it is better performed and recorded. Vocals and especially backvocals are excellent, just listen to them on Forever loving you or Love song.
  7. Today Tesla released their live acoustic album, it is released 30 years after their most succesful album 5 man acoustical jam. It was recorded live in the famous Abbey road studios. Latest video from that album has the title that we all need these days:
  8. I have mixed response to HS discography. United was my best album of that year, not really liked Thirteen. So expectations were high for this one. Afer first list to Change the world I was very dissapointed, liked just a song or 2. But I still come back to it every second day or so and slowly it is starting to grow on me. I doubt it will reach United status but Top 10 is very likely.
  9. I already like this a lot. Hard guitars, great vocals, good songs.Ok it is "just" a project, but reading the interviews they did wrote the songs themselves, and Beach even mentioned they are prepared to tour if there will be demand.
  10. Hard to choose the best songs..my try in no order Wild is the wind In these arms Livin on a prayer Wanted dead or alive If I was your mother Bad Medicine Living in sin I ll be there for you This aint a love song I am Have a nice day Because we can
  11. Interesting read almost 5 years later. First 2 singles had very exiting reviews ant hten as the people got the whole album some complaints started coming, but also not that critical. But readsing the Shock thread there is nothin but bad words about Simplicity. I dont get It why , there are songs on it that I would put into Tesal best of like Honestly, Burnout ot fade, Time Bomb, Rise and Fall, Break of Dawn. And many solid songs like mp3, Other than me, So divine, Life is a river...
  12. Had luck that one of the rare shops already here had Cd on the shelf. So I listened it once. Now I am big Tesla fan and I liked all of their albums, including Simplicity. I struggled a bit with first 3 releases songs online and only after 10 or more spins I like them much more. After listening to all songs, besides great production the star of the show is Jeff Keith, especially in the slower songs and ballads. He sings especially the verses very unique , well produced voice and he shows some colours in his voice I didnt heared before. The choruses are all over the place, actually I expected more songs to have big, Leppard like arangments but there are not that many. Some are catch after first listen, but choruses in couple of songs sound without immediate hooks. Another common theme is that songs are quite short for Tesla album . There are also longer solos . some acoustic, some more in bluesy/rock way but maybe not in Tesla style like Son gin Emotrion or Shine away instiurmental part. Of course more to be discovered in further listens.
  13. I agree that song are fine and even growers, but they are not very Tesla lilke. After reading latest interviews Tesla had no plans for any new music and it was actuallly Phil who motivated them and reall wanted to produce them . So I say even leppardized Tesal is bettar than no new Tesla. " Frank said: "Phil came to us and wanted to produce an album for us... Phil really, really helped us. I'll be honest — we were at a low point after we did [2014's] 'Simplicity'. We were really frustrated, and we were probably not going to make another album. Phil had a bunch of song ideas, and a lot of the writing on the new album is co-written with Phil. He interjected a lot of positive energy for us and helped us get back on our feet. .."
  14. That was the second time they visited Trieste area. Maybe is there living some rich guy sponsoring ? But they mentioned during concert that they reall like the are and food. They were on a kind of small european tour, but other dates were bretter organised regarding fans, as they were heaslining festival in Nottingham UK, over 1000 fans I guess. Here some clip from this great concert.
  15. Wow.. I would rate the album song by song very similarly. Only changes - would give Gravity an A, Things I know C, Sky is Falling B and Here Today B. I was lucky enought ot see them play many of those songs live. It was strange gig, in Italy in fornt of maybe 100 fans, but they played full set.
  16. I come form the Shank rock home country Slovenia and they are the most famous band of this genre. Back around 2000 they had dreams of making it big abroad but in last 15 years they are active on home stages. They changed main guitarist and writer in 2006 and released more alternativ e sounding record, the went on hiatus and are now few years active again with original guitar master Bor Zuljan. They just released new record in slovenian language, they still stick to very melodic, positive music with strong choruses. They had a chance to play together with Steve Stevens at a big festival event few years ago. Here some links: 2 rock classics with Steve Stevens (english of course)i: their cover of Mr BIG s TO be with you ( in slovenian) their latest singles (in slovenian) Restart: Something more: No luck without ronck n roll:
  17. This just shows how much production and songwriting matter. Terry Brock working with Slammer, those were some best CDs of those years. Terry Brock working with others is just OK to my ears.
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