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  1. Appeared 30-minute interview with Pete Lesperance from Harem Scarem about everything: debut, Mood Swings, Voice of Reason, Rubber time, Mood Swings II, Thirteen, United, and of course Change The World. Really great interview. And interestingly, Tony Harnell from TNT sings at Change The World title song, and from what he says about this song, it may be one of the best songs on album, especially at the end of the song has a lot of interesting things happening with Harnell. He also explained what's going on with Creighton and Darren. And it turns out that Pete plays bass on the album.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YHEyn-ynCo
  3. This is the third album that got 100% from him. Earlier it was "Weight of the Word" and "Higher". It is May 12, so "United" has already debuted everywhere. So I can rate the album. I listen United to non-stop from Sunday. I've probably listened to 100 times. I will say one thing: WOW !! !! !! PHENOMENAL album!! Something quite different we've heard from Harem Scarem in the past. How many great ideas and experiments (both in vocals and guitars). The riffs and solos are the best for years !! And the choruses, it's Harem Scarem, the masters in this profession, but I noticed the interesting things in choruses, are definitely different than usual. As for the place in my ranking, it's a strong no. 4. Best album since "Weight of the World". 1. United 8/10 - Worst track on the album, but still very good. If better chorus could be one of the best track on the album. The chorus is a bit monotonous. But rest, intro, verse and solos - great. 2. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 10/10 - A phenomenal chorus. Energy, energy, and energy again! One of the best choruses in recent times. Jeff Scott Soto is also featured here, but does not hear him as clearly as on "Bite The Bullet". 3. Gravity 9/10 - Another great chorus. The strange sound of the guitar, but I like it, very much. Solo is one of the best on record. In the chorus feel a large POWER. 4. Sinking Ship 10/10 - I listened this track many times, but the worship of this song is not over. Awesome song, one of the best after 2000. Simply perfection. 5. One Of Life's Mysteries 10/10 - What can you say, typical Harem Scarem, because ballads are always they were great. Another great ballad after 2000, and yet we had such a sensational songs like: "This Is not Over," "Higher", or "Hanging On". 6. No Regrets 8/10 - Probably the strongest guitar track. The chorus is very good, although they are better. Solo probably the worst on "United". 7. Bite The Bullet 10/10 - WOW, this is the song !! How many twists !! The fact that we already have a sensational and emotional chorus is one thing. But when twist appears and we have another completely different chorus from the words "You gotta bite the bullet", and the magic starts. We have solo (IMO great), and there's another twist and Jeff Scott Soto (who also appears in the second track), turns on singing and the effect is staggering, these two voices with Hess just sounds perfect !! 8. Things I Know 10/10 - I love this emotional climate in verses. And the chorus, that's what did with this song so complete song. Very energetic track. 9. The Sky is Falling 9/10 - Great chorus, verses, and solo TOP3 on the album. 10. Heaven & Earth 9/10 - One of the strongest songs. Initially, I was not particularly good at it, but over time it was incredibly grown in my ranking, becoming one of the best (currently No. 6). I love the fragment: "We'll be taking control, To claim heaven & earth, Claim heaven and earth". 11. Indestructible 9/10 - We think there will be a ballad, and here a twist. We start with a cowboy climate with acoustic, and then the song changes completely, first in the verse, and in the chorus we have the real ride. Fantastic idea of ​​Hess & Lesperance duo. Grand solo, maybe the best on the album. 12. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: acoustic version (Japanese Bonus Track) - I will not give rate here, because it's just an acoustic version of the song that appeared on the normal version of the album. The song is just as good as the normal version, because the chorus is fantastic. And that's it. Thank you Harem Scarem for this album. Reviews on music portals and fan reviews say that "United" is truly sensational, definitely one of the best albums of Harem Scsrem. How am I glad they decided to come back after this 5 year break in 2013. Like the wine, the older the better. Now is the time to wait for the next album, no matter how much I will wait for album, because I love this band !!
  4. Finally !! I listened (several times) fourteen studio album Harem Scarem titled "United". Fans reviews and critics reviews on music portals were so phenomenal that I was in shock. But now that I've listened to it several times it's not strange that it's so great to be judged. What is much to say here is the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G album. On the other hand, this album is so starnge, like proteus, completely nothing remotely what was previously created by Harem Scarem, but this is in a positive sense, because it sounds like a heaven. I had to feel a little bit, after the first hearing I even had mixed feelings on the second part of "United". But as got to me, it WOW !! They recorded it with soul, with heart. Guitar TOP too !! Lyrically this is one of the best albums ever from Harem Scarem. And musically, which place is in my Harem Scarem ranking? For now I honestly do not know because alnum is so strange and different. I think it will be around the fourth, maybe even the third, and that would mean that the Weight of the World would come out of the podium, which I thought would never happen. As for the tracks on the album itself. There is no weak song for me. The best are probably, I'm trying to exchange, but every time I want to exchange, more and more appear and I do not know what to choose. Sinking Ship, One Of Life's Mysteries, Gravity, Bite The Bullet, Indestructible, Things And Know, Heaven And Earth, Here Today Gone Tomorrow. Seriously, I do not know, it's probably better to pick the top three. Sinking Ship, One Of Life's Mysteries and Bite The Bullet.
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