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  1. Too few comments for such a good chap. Unfortunately he's Finnish, but let's don't hold that against him. Awesome guy, great sense of humour and an excellent trader of CDs. Thumbs up from me. Yay Stefan!

  2. has not set his status

  3. On the best day of my life I actually met Lindsay at a Tuff gig... and it was because of that meeting that it was the best day of my life. Of course that is all a lie, but here we have a wonderful individual anyway. Knows more about the Aussie music and worldwide glam scene than any others I know. Keep it up mate, and enjoy the pictures you keep requesting from me. ;)

  4. As noted in the other comments, this young man lives and breathes "hair metal" and in all honesty, reminds me a lot of myself a couple of years ago... except I think Jacob will actually succeed where I only dreamed. Good luck mate.

  5. Arguably the most amusing member on board here. And his muscles are as big as his sense of humour. He gets his kicks from fighting crime, which says a lot about the awesome gentleman he is. If I wasn't me, I'd want to be Nick. Great guy.

  6. Ah, Pete. One of the most pleasant gentlemen on the site here. Funny as... well, almost as funny as me. Jokes. Pete's one of the funniest guys on the site, great taste in music as well as being a Malmsteen-esque musician himself. And to top it all off he couldn't possibly be more handsome. All this makes it destiny that we're brothers.

  7. Mark is a man of excellent taste in music, sometimes freakishly close to mine. An extremely nice guy too and very easy to get along with... and also very rational in disagreements too. :) Great writer too, with always-entertaining posts and comments.

  8. Plus he loves Treat too... which adds 17,000 bonus points onto his awesomeness already.

  9. Great recent addition to the board. Bob's always a friendly face around here and has quickly become an essential member of the team here. :) Cheers mate.

  10. Ian's probably the friendliest guy on the whole board here... the man everybody loves. :) I think we started on the site around the same time, but I missed out on the message board for a while. Since I found it Ian's been an essential part of it, and the most prolific thread starter here! Great guy. Cheers mate!

  11. Another example of a fine gentleman who can have a laugh and is a brilliant member of the board... even if we're kind of at opposite musical spectrums. :) I love his posts, all 7 million of them. :P Posting machine, and a great guy. Cheers mate.

  12. I enjoy this gentleman's posts... has some great (odd) peices of info he likes to share. Not always the same tastes in everything musical, but not to worry because beer over-rides that anyway. :) Good man. Cheers mate.

  13. Geoff

    Although we are close to having the opposite tastes in music, Jez is a great guy and I always enjoy musical discussions (or is that arguments? lol) with him. Shame about being English, though. :P Seriously, though, great guy, good sport, good sense of humour. Not a bad word to say about him, except for his musical preferences. :) I kid. Or do I? Cheers mate.

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