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  1. Im not sure where this guys music fits so I decided to post here.Click https://www.reverbnation.com/artist/artist_songs/490980. Check out the tracks "Lyfestyles Unlimited","The Last Goodbye",and "Time Begins The Fade" and tell me what you think.Does he sound AOR or more prog rock?Im addicted to his music.Love,peace,and chicken grease...
  2. Thanks for the awesome forum and websites.Its great to have a place to communicate with other people with the same taste in awesome music.Also I believe you dont have Cary Newell in your N category of artists.He's an American musician from Pennsylvania I believe.If you're interested in his music check out tracks such as "Lyfestyles Unlimited" or "The Last Goodbye" on reverb nation's website.Thanks,love,peace,and chicken grease....
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