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  1. They aired this a couple of nights ago on Aussie tv. This movie never, ever gets old.
  2. I'm not familiar with any of their other work, but i reckon this track's a ripper.
  3. A good effort by billy, but i think i have to go with the original mate.
  4. I know they're not featured on the main site, but i had "The Doors" best of spinning in the car today. It's a great disc. Love this track. A couple of interesting facts i'm sure you're all aware of. 1- "Mr Mojo risin'" is an anagram of "Jim Morrison" 2- Jim Morrison was born and raised in Melbourne.
  5. Just rewatched this classic with commentary by Eli Wallach. Love those commentaries. (Apologies for the poor quality of the clip).
  6. I always find myself revisiting these guy's albums. Particularly this song. I love the line "i look for Heaven in the Hell i've been through".
  7. This one perhaps? Certainly an "epic" intro.
  8. One of the best ballads ever and IMO possibly the best thing Mark Slaughter has done. The clip is pretty cool too!
  9. Another one of my faves. Great band and this rendition just moves me. Mr. Campbell nailing it on guitar as usual.
  10. One of my all time favorite covers. From the movie "Dudes".
  11. I've just noticed some John Farnham albums on the main site. He's a bit a legend down under and rightly so. In 1990 he was joined by Tom Jones on a popular Australian variety show for an impromptu performance. I've never forgotten it.https://youtu.be/JoXCOR-doWI
  12. Sorry guys. Didn't work. The video was,The Valentines - Build me up buttercup. Another early Bonn Scott video to check out is, Fraternity - Seasons change. Be prepared to be shocked! I'll work on my posting skills.
  13. I think i've worked out how to post vids, so i thought i'd start by sharing this little gem. DISCLAIMER : I bear no responsibility for any illusions that may be shattered as a result of watching this video
  14. Yeah, i read he sang with impellitteri also , but as with the above mentioned bands, i can't find a thing. That would have been a killer combo!
  15. No worries mate. Apparently he was with "Americade" briefly, but didn't record anything and i've read elsewhere that he was with the bands "Malice" and "Odin" at some point but again, i can't find anything from those bands with him included. It's a long time between drinks between "Eyes" and Ramos". Maybe he took a break from the industry. I don't know.
  16. Hey guys. I was wondering if anybody knows of anything Mark Weitz has done other than, Eyes - Fullmoon and, Ramos - Living in the light I've always loved his voice but can't find anything other than these two. I find it hard to believe he hasn't done anything else. I've tried google, wiki, etc, but to no avail.
  17. Ditto! I did some Googling. They're a Slovenian band. And they don't sing in English, so if that's an issue you can stop at that one cover. I did the same. Shame. Not singing English for me is a deal breaker, but that cover is great.
  18. Absolutely. What a great album that was. The last song "Ray of Hope" is another very sad ballad. If memory serves, he wrote it for his dying brother.
  19. Hey guys, just a quick couple of questions. Since i joined, i've been wondering what the deal is with the member titles. What do they and the black dots under our pictures represent?
  20. Just heard Kip Winger and Liberty n' Justice's version of "Stayin'Alive". A complete reworking of the original. Interesting.
  21. If you really want your heartstrings tugged, check out Dr Hook - Daddy's little girl.
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