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  1. I'll say it again, if Trump gets up as a result of these recounts. It will destroy the US.
  2. Here's two from the "Roxy Blue" debut. I love this album and it really hit the spot for me when it was released in '92. Little did I know that the end was near for "our music".
  3. C'mon mate. That's a bit thin skinned. As CTS has mentioned before, IMO all discussion about Trump or BLM have been very respectful. Different points of view have been expressed, sure, but nothing has crossed the line, again IMO. Even the threads about religion here are quite tame. This is actually a very tolerant site.
  4. This is the sort of shit we're dealing with in Melbourne. Red or Blue, Black or White, Christian or Muslim, it doesn't matter. The underlying agenda has and always will be power and control of the masses. Sorry to go all "Alex Jones".
  5. An AC/DC "Mork & Mindy" Tribute on the "Highway to Hell" album?? I've been waiting to see if anyone noticed the massive "Morky & Mindy" reference at the very end. It's very strange, but Bon says "Shazbot" and "Nanu Nanu" very clearly. Seriously.
  6. Watching the footage out of the US and I have to say that it's great to see massive crowds in the streets actually celebrating and smiling, for whatever reason. I'd forgotten just how long it has been since we've seen that. In any country.
  7. There's still recounts and legal action to take place. Could you image if Trump was declared the winner after the recounts.
  8. Gee mate, I think that statement is very optimistic.
  9. Another Question. I guess I can understand the reluctance to use the lateral pass due to the lack of ball handling skills, but the "non-Quarterback" pass seems like another under used weapon. Each team could have two, maybe three capable "Quarterbacks" on any given play depending on the circumstances. It's not complicated, but as with the lateral pass, when it happens it's considered a "Miracle play". Just a reminder that I am a shit stirrer.
  10. This one isn't a cover, but I'm still hanging my head in shame. I, along with most of you are quite familiar with this song, but it wasn't until I saw this video recently that I realized THE "Vinnie Vincent" was Lead Guitarist. Dan Hartman, of course, went on to release the classic "I Can Dream About You".
  11. Here's three from "The Fabulous Thunderbirds". Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I love these guys. The guitarist is Jimmie Vaughan, Stevie Ray's brother. I love the solo on "Wrap It Up". Ridiculously short and simple, but perfect. Any fans of "Married With Children" (possibly my favourite TV show of all time) should recognize the second track.
  12. Good stuff. I could do without the Cookie Monster appearance on the Steely Dan track however. It sounded great until then.
  13. What's more worrying and more of a danger to Democracy? A President who sometimes spouts idiotic rubbish or Major News Networks who have decided that they're the judges of what the American people hear? Cutting off the President's address because they didn't agree with him is beyond outrageous. The media should stick to reporting and let their viewers decide who's talking shit or not. Anybody who thinks the media has no influence is kidding themselves.
  14. I've posted a couple of official "SNL" vidoes before and they've been unavailable to US members. Sorry, if that's still the case, but for everyone else... enjoy.
  15. I just noticed that Andrew is on the site at the moment. For sure he'll check out this thread. C'mon mate, spill the beans. It will just be between us. At least a clue.
  16. Again, we need to inject some music into these threads. Whatever side you're on, you should get a giggle out of this. Good luck listening to the original without hearing this in your head.
  17. Machinations - No Say In It. A classic Aussie track from 1985. This one always takes me back there. I'd be interested to know if our overseas friends have heard it.
  18. I'm sure you all remember what a shit show Bush/Gore 2000 was. That shit dragged on for ages. I think/know this one is gonna be even more protracted... and not a "hanging chad" in sight.
  19. There's some great "Grunge" out there. Back in the day it was more the culture shock rather than the music that was the issue. The all round "vibe" of Grunge was just a polar opposite of what we grew up with. I've always thought that this track summed it up perfectly.
  20. Velocity - More Than Tonight. Another album that I could've thrown a dart at to pick song of the day.
  21. Vinnie Vincent Invasion - That Time of Year. This one popped up in my rotation today. Any time you hear this track, it's automatically "Song of the Day". As close to perfection as it gets.
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