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  1. There can never be too many categories to read, makes it easier to find what you are looking for, but way too many if you want to classify them on your own.
  2. First Battle Beast, then One Desire and now this. Good year for Finland.
  3. Best damn thing released this year, in a class of its own. Ted Poley for president!
  4. My 3 favourite albums should be my essential. 1. FAIR WARNING - Go! 2. SYMPHONY X - Underworld 3. DRACULA - Swing Of Death
  5. A bloody brilliant album and a big surprise. I did not think Jim had it in him any more, but he had. My intitial review, I have a feeling it will grow even better on me: 1. Glorious 7 2. Push on Through 8,5 3. If We Call It Love 8 4. Waiting for Summer 9 5. First Time 8,5 6. One Breathe 8,5 7. Too Many Words 9 8. Next in Line 8,5 9. Drowning 9 10. Love Was Waiting 8,5 11. Is What It Is 9 Overall rating: 85%
  6. Dare and The Defiants are the winners for me.
  7. The Defiants album is the best album of the year by a mile. Listening to the new Treat album right now.
  8. I agree 100% with him! I can't believe I just wrote that. Survivor - Vital Signs Journey - Escape those two are part of the Holy Bible of AOR releases The holy bible of overrated albums.
  9. Best of Denmark together with the best of Sweden, a match made in Heaven. The Vikings will come again.
  10. Have patience with this one for Gods sake! It is a grower and once you have given it enough spins, you will realize it is up there with the best they have ever done. It took me some spins to appreciate songs like "Invincible", "Energized", "Forever Young" and even "Blind Faith". I rate this album a healthy 92 % !!!
  11. Every song is a masterpiece, one of the best albums ever made. This album took this band to a new level and they were already on a very high level. Any song would be a highlight on any album ever released. It is that good.
  12. Not counting Def Leppard since I will hear it tomorrow.
  13. Sounds fantastic. Together with Magnus Karlsson and Find Me the most anticipated albums at the moment.
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