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  1. hahahaha Your post reminded me of Negan, and that kind of sucks because if anyone should be Negan it should be me, because he is awesome. Tor me, thie really is the only forum left. The earlier ones I were in all died, some developed into new ones, which then died. Evenyually i ended up at SleazeRoxx forum, and then they killed that. in fact one of more people are weird there now that skid is gone. I disagreed with a SR facebook post and someone got way too butt hurt compared to the comment I made. So this is my music home now. Really I am here to know about the new realeases and new music coming my way so i don't miss it. But it does lean a fair way to AOR for me, but beggars can't be choosers and hopefully I am able to pretty much ignore most AOR stuff rather than post negatively about it. every now and they you'll see me post 'syrupy synth' as a quick way to describe how I feel about it, but on the whole I try to respect that we all don't like that same stuff. As for the RIP thread, hopefully the corona virus doesn't devestate this place.
  2. CureTheSane


    Yeah, China was like "we got this, we've been preparing for years..." And they did, althought their figures are obviously skewed. We have people returned to Australia from cruise ships who are bitching about their forced accommodation. their 5 star forced FREE accommodation. I mean, Crown Towers FFS, this place is a few hunder dollars a night normally. I'm like "WTF, why out them up in 5 star?"
  3. Yeah, from memory at least one was underage as well. recall at the time that the band made the announcemnet taht "there were some things that they just counldn't forgive and move on from" or something like that. Created an intrigue to want to know what went on, sad to find out and left a bitter taste.
  4. Um, yeah, lol Soz Josh Todd if you read this. Funny thing is Josh Caddy bears the same name as an AFL football player over here. Remember struggling to get info on what happened years ago, because I kept on getting hits on the footballer.
  5. CureTheSane


    An interesting point there, one kind of not thought about much here. We all know how you guys are with your rights to everything. We are the same to a large degree - mini America if you like. But we are also far more open to iur liberties being taken away. Right now, in my state, Victoria, we can only leave the house for 4 reasons - medical attention, food, exercise and work. People are being stopped on the roads and turned around and sent home. Gatherings of more than 2 (TWO) people are subject to $1600 fines. Likely that fines are coming for those out and about for no reason, and the army is being prepared to be called into action. And this shit is working. Our graph is looking pretty good in Australia. Like pretty much every other country, other than a few - Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong, etc, the public have been critical of how everything has been handled. There is no easy way through this, and every countries leaders are learning on the fly and some are making better decisions in better ways than others, but there are a lot of people around complaining that actionw asn't taken earlier. Love to see ecidence of them saying this at the time. Hindsight is great. Chances are that this will be the downfall of Trump, and many other leaders, because traditionally these types of challenging events don't fare well for them. but every government will learn from this. It will be a templaye for how to handle this type of thing again if it happens. In China they still wear masks etc because of bird flu and sars etc Doubt anyone will easily travel outside their countries again this year.
  6. Yeah, I was thinking that as well, but since Josh Todd ended up in jail, and his actions were the reason the band kicked him out, unlikely, and TBH, shouldn't happen. So I'd second Wig Wam
  7. I love what Great White and Poison did with their sound. Also Motley, should have stayed with Corabi, as they were moviong forward, instead they moved backwards with Vince coming back.
  8. What was it? 2 weeks ago you were being slammed for your comments on hooks? I think I clarified my points in the post above and conceeded that I was off the mark with some songs. Stand by it for others, and the overriding point I was trying to make was about musical style changing and people not being happy about it. That was the main reason for the example given, and poicking through fine points on comments about hooks is kinda redundant.
  9. Takes quite a few listens for House Of Pain. A capella is a stretch until the song takes over your brain and you give in and enjoy.
  10. Fair enough, and some good points. I would say that compared to the first album, Slave had much fewer hooks and especially melodies. Like i said, I guess I was more comparing the different musical styles and how people reacted to the album at the time. I'll admit that I hated my first listen, and to me was leaning more towards being too heavy for me (again, compared to what I was expecting after the ST album) But I guess that's my point, I gave it a fair go, even thought I didn't like it much on the first couple of listens and grew to love it. And yes, I am finding it hard to avoid coronavirus stuff. Facebook is dead, news update every half hour. It's pretty depressing stuff, hopefully all starts to get better soon. Not sure if I mentioned it here already, but my contacts in China have told me it's pretty much business as usual over there now. Masks and staying clean isn't a new thing for them, so I guess that has helped. Also reported that some serious vaccine trieal taking place. Straight to human testing over there. Also said that people are getting the virus more than once as well.
  11. Agree with that, but only in comparison to the songs around it. Still made my best of folder with every other song.
  12. Yeah, I will admit that I struggled with pre 1984 VH. I mean we all love/loved Jump, Panama, Hot For Teacher, I'll Wait yeah? Van Hagar on the other hand was amazing.
  13. Amazing album. Not many here will appreciate it. Would be labelled are white rap or something like that, but full of solid guitars, hooks and quality lyrics and songs. All their stuff after that has also bee excellent.
  14. I wasn't trying to say that Slave To The Grind had hooks, simply using it as an example of a band that changed it's sound considerably. In fact I was saying that the first album was hooky, and Slave wasn't and many people complained and hoped to go back to what they were doing. This wasn't going to happen, as they wanted to change their style to a heavier sound. You eitehr get on board with the changes, or you don't. Settle down, turn of your coronavirus filled tv, and relax for a bit.
  15. I mentioned in another thread how we over here were pretty sheltered from all things Boston, Styx, Journey, etc except for the few hits they had. Dio, I mean I really like I Could Have Been A Dreamer. Just did a top 10 dio songs search to see if there were any others I liked and couldn't imagine the sound of any of them, including Holy Diver, which I believe people generally froth.
  16. I have quite a few. Some of these I like some songs Some are absolutely killer - More Than A Feeling, Living After Midnite, etc But overall never got into most of these at all. Led Zepplin Deep Purple Pink Floyd Judas Priest Metallica Cream Lynyrd Skynyrd UFO Journey Boston The Darkness Joe Satriani Wolfmother Airbourne ADCD post Who Made Who Iron Maiden post Somewhere In Time Dream Theatre Manowar Soundgarden Queensryche Rainbow Slayer Motorhead Pantera Slayer Korn Alice In Chains Dio
  17. Don Dokken? Listen to Solitary. I know it's solo compared to a band, but about as differenta s you'll get.
  18. In case you were't aware, Ron Young, from Little Caesar appeared in T2 Judgement Day as the dude who smashed the pool queue over Arnie. He's a great guy to talk to on Facebook, sometimes giving some insights into Little Caesar and otehr things. Anyway, he posted a pic of him in T2 and the post "It was such a blast. The best part was the way I got the part was I was friends with Jim Cameron. He was bored on set and wanted a friend there as he was hated by the crew for being a task master. He would take me into the editing trailer and play me all the outtakes. He would scream at the screen “learn your fucking lines!” “Learn how to act!!” The reason Arnold had so many iconic one liners was to cut down on his dialogue as the less you gave him. The quicker the shoot went. They hired folks just to write them. Hasta La Vista baby, I’ll be back, your clothes, your shoes etc etc. Even those took many takes. It was a lot of fun and we were rolling on the floor laughing. Jim would be crying and say “play that again....that was so fucking bad, but so ducking funny”. He had a whole reel made that he would play at his parties." Then went on to talk about how Arnie couldn't deal with all the takes with the pool queue etc. Funny stuff.
  19. Yeah I saw that. It was orange on the word doc.
  20. They tried to do a Disturbed Sound Of Silence thing with SOS. Sad as there were more guitars in the original. On a few listens I don't mind it, but I was never a big fan of the Disturbed cover and this could have been way better. Missteria is one of those songs that ended up in my head. Was mumbling the chorus today at the shops and my wife asked what the hell I was on about lol
  21. Me too. Also looking forward to the Trunk interview. I've seen Mike Tramp a bunch of times, especially when he was living in Australia, and he talked about Vito a lot but never had much to say. He is one of my favorite guitarists. Unique, talented, innovative.
  22. Interesting, I thought Firesign was their best album since Sultans Of Sin. Look forward to hearing this one.
  23. CureTheSane


    My state in Australia (Victoria) goes into lockdown in a day. Schools closed, borders shut, only essential businesses open. The prime minister announced more restrictions to appy to the rest of the country, but we are breaking from them and going alone to a degree. Prime minister blamed younger people for not adhering to social distancinge tc - very much like a parent chastising a kid/ Which leads me to.... "The way mellenials feel about being blamed for the spread of coronavirus is how boomers feel about being blamed for global warming" I'm noy a boomer, but jeez it's nice to be able to turn the tables on these pretentious little shits.
  24. Happy to report that it's 6pm on the 22nd here. The Purge ended 11 hours ago You guys over there are in the middle of it all - good luck and stay safe
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