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  1. Crickett

    How about some 70s Love?

    I love this site. I really do. It's so useful even if the boxes are still 1999 small. Lately tho I've been digging deeper into the 70s side of glam, beyond the popular groups to some of the more obscure stuff. I noticed the box on the main site, left side, very bottom, says 'view bands by genre". I'd love to see a list of 70s glam that could list not only bands like Mott and Slade, but Hello, Milk n Cookies, Wizzard, and other obscure trash rock acts that I might not get referred to on Spotify or elsewhere. it's what I love about HH and I think the 70s side of the site is in need of some serious beefing up!
  2. Crickett

    Main Site

    I've requested twice to my Yahoo! account and haven't recieved anything, and my spam folder is empty. Last time I had a temp password sent to me I remember I couldn't find an option to change it.

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