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  1. Dramarama

    The Radio Sun - Heaven Or Heartbreak

    Very very good. I'll definitely be picking up their CD soon.
  2. Dramarama

    The Radio Sun

    I just heard a fantastic song on AOR Caprice, I guess it's an AOR station out of Russia, anyways the song was called Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover and the band was called The Radio Sun. It was really good hard melodic rock and I was wondering if anyone had any info on the band and if anyone was going to be adding their CDs to Heavy Harmonies.
  3. Dramarama


    Hmmm I didn't realize it would be such a small percentage. I usually go by the song titles, if there's even three or four songs in a foreign language I'm OK with that. I just don't want to buy an entire album that's not in English. I'm speaking strictly for myself now, but my "computer" is my phone and because of data usage caps I can't always get YouTube videos to load. I do appreciate the feedback though and I love the site. After browsing it for years it's very cool to be participating.
  4. Dramarama


    I know it would be kinda a pain, but I'd like to see a notation if an album is sung in a language other than English. I was recently adding Earthshaker to my Amazon wishlist, cause stylistically they seem quite good and MOST of their song titles were in English and I came across a review that said the band was especially relevant if you understand Japanese because that's the language they sing in. I don't so I had to go back and delete the albums that I added. Bit annoying.
  5. Dramarama

    Bedlam Into the Coals

    Hopefully people check it out, it features Jay Joyce who's a producer now but before he was in Bedlam he was in a band called In Pursuit who were the first band signed to MTM records.
  6. Dramarama

    Bedlam Into the Coals

    It's actually on the site now! Not sure exactly when it went up but I am both proud and excited!
  7. Dramarama

    Bedlam Into the Coals

    Hmm.. It was the same day that I joined the board. Maybe I did something wrong, I'm definitely willing to submit it again.
  8. Dramarama

    Bedlam Into the Coals

    I submitted Bedlam Into the Coals not to long ago, but haven't seen it on the site yet. It's a wonderful piece of bluesy hard rock similar to The Black Crowes, The Quireboys or Brother Cane. I'm wondering if anyone else has heard it and agrees that it should have a spot on the site.

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