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  1. Not to bad...might check this out. My only little worry are the modern Bon Jovi and countryish vibes in spots. Both these tunes are pretty good though so will be worth checking out.
  2. Agree...But I think I basically love everything about it Bands often seem to try to go backwards a bit to their "meat and potatoes" sound and many times aren't really that successful. I have to say from the 3 songs so far and the samples of the other songs that it sure sounds like these guys have nailed it. Great move by these guys to stop pushing forward with a bit more modernized/commercial sound that they experimented with on the last album and taking a step back to what they do best.
  3. I'd probably say Motley Crue back in 2014 for this. Vince was terrible and it really mostly just felt like they were going through the motions. I think partly why it felt so bad to me was because I've seen this band a handful of times before that show including a few times in the 80's and they always really killed it. I have great memories of Tommy doing crazy solos, great energy from all the guys and hot girls on stage And the 2014 show was just very forgettable with my only real memory being of Vince constantly holding the mic to the crowd for them to sing for him lol.
  4. Agree with Glenn in that a couple standout singles in 2019 are from 2020 releases as H.e.a.t in particular released two great songs that would be in my top songs of 2019. I always have a tough time listing my favorite songs and ranking them is even tougher. I'd say my ten favorites in no particular order (from albums released in 2019) might be: Pretty Maids - Will You Still Kiss Me/Firesoul Fly/Undress Your Madness Degreed - Summer of Love Crazy Lixx - Silent Thunder/It's You Defiants - Hollywood In Headlights/Fallin' For You/Standing On The Edge Roxy Blue - Collide
  5. Agree. I really feel like this band shake down two ways....Pre and Post Mutt. And I'm sure Steve Clark played a big role too. There's no denying though that they lost something in terms of creating music after the early 90's. They've still had some good tunes from Slang and forward but they're a little bit all over the place. These guys were far and away my favorite band in my youth though and I'd probably still list them as my favorite band even though H.e.a.t is probably making my favorite music right now. As for my top 10 songs, not sure on the order but the ones popping in my head are: Animal Photograph Let It Go Rock Of Ages Bringin On The Hearbreak Hysteria Pour Some Sugar On Me Armageddon It Stagefright Women No surprise that all 10 are from HND, Pyromania and Hysteria.
  6. Interesting question.... I'd say for me that my band of the decade is H.e.a.t. They've just been on another level for me and they really were responsible for heightening my interest in the European bands. I'm not sure what my top 10 albums are but H.e.a.t would probably have the top 2 with Tearing Down the Walls and Address The Nation. The rest of my top 10 would be some combination of albums from Crazy Lixx, Midnite City, Pretty Maids, Eclipse and the Defiants. These bands have all basically had my top 1 or 2 albums yearly over the past 8-10 years so they'd surely make up my top 10 of the decade.
  7. So what do you guys have for your top albums of 2019? Top 5, 10 or whatever For me the year got off to a real slow start for my tastes. It picked up in the last few months of the year though. 1) Pretty Maids - Undress Your Madness: I was late to the party on these guys so maybe there stuff still sounds fresher to me for that reason. But for me this one sounds fantastic and is very melodic. I'd say Will You Still Kiss Me (If I See You In Heaven) might be my favorite song this year. 2) Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild: This was my #1 for most of the year. Awesome album, catchy and melodic as heck. Really dig what these guys have done on their past couple albums. 3) Defiants - Zokusho: Excellent follow up to their debut album that was my #1 album in 2015. Love the first 5 tracks but loses just a little steam for me in the second half in a couple spots, especially with the last song Drink Up which for me is the worst song they've recorded. Still excellent overall though. 4) Eclipse - Paradigm: For me this album is clearly behind the past few albums this band has put out but I still like it for what it is. I do wish they'd expand their horizons a bit more. 5) Degreed - Lost Generation: Solid album top to bottom except for the Blue Virgin Isles cover tune. Think I like this one a little better than their last album (which was still good). I'm putting a gap here as to me the second five is a long ways from my first 5.... 6) Station - Stained Glass: Have been a big fan of these guys and they do some good stuff. But they need to tone down the ballads as it's killing the tempo of this and their last album. 7) Roxy Blue - S/T: Yeah, I know this is probably the one that isn't like the others and know many didn't like it. For some reason I did though. Probably mostly because when it came out I was hungry for something new to listen to and I loved their debut and really wanted to like this. It's pretty modern sounding but still rocks in a different way. Favorite tune on it is probably Collide. 8) Tesla - Shock: Another I know many disliked and agree there are a few head scratchers here. There's a handful of tunes I like though and like how melodic it is. And for me Tesla had gotten pretty stale on their last couple albums so I welcomed something a little different. 9) Nitrate - Open Wide: Pretty good album and probably like it better than the debut. For some reason though it just didn't stick with me very much or get much replay this year. That's where I'm ending....Top 9 this year lol. There's a couple I could put at 10 but don't even really feel like they belong there and didn't listen to them enough to say so. Will be interested to see others lists to maybe dig a little deeper at stuff I missed or didn't give enough of a chance.
  8. Feel the same. If this were a brand new band and a debut album, we'd probably be salivating. I do get it....I wish they'd push their boundaries a bit more. I think Erik has the kind of voice that always sorta sounds the same so they really need to get creative with song structures, riffs, hooks, harmonies, etc in order to change things up. Still pretty good and I have it slotted in my #4 spot in this fairly down year for my tastes.
  9. Yeah...Personal preference is obviously at play.....Obviously not talking about the headliners like Tesla, Ratt, NR. But for me (And I know I'm probably in the minority) I'd take H.e.a.t, CL and Eclipse over jsut about everybody else on that ballot. I mean, the way I look at it is....If H.e.a.t and Heaven's Edge were playing in the same building and you could only go to one show, which would you go to? I'd be going to H.e.a.t and it's not even close. I'd answer that question the same for most bands on this bill. And if I go to my CD shelf, I pull out H.e.a.t or Crazy Lixx to listen to WAY more than I'm pulling out Dangerous Toys, Slaughter, Kix, Tyketto, etc. And with bands like Accept, Doro, Bang Tango, Little Caesar, Faster Pussycat, Y&T, Steelheart, Killer Dwarfs...I can't even pull a CD off the shelf because I never liked them enough to buy one Like you said though, it's really all personal preference and what you like.
  10. I couldn't even tell you who Greta Van Fleet is. Maybe like the Struts? I hear them tossed around as being current rock and checked them out awhile back....They are NOTHING like H.e.a.t, Crazy Lixx, etc.
  11. Might be true. People can't like what they don't know about though. I'd bet that if you put H.e.a.t or Crazy Lixx in front of those fans that there would be many walking away impressed with them. There's just no way you can't if you're a fan of this genre and style of music. It's just a shame. H.e.a.t and Crazy Lixx are putting out better new music than any band on that bill and it's not even close. Heck, I'd go so far as to say the music they're putting out is probably way better than most of these bands ever even did in their primes. I almost feel bad for people that have no idea what they're missing.
  12. Okay lineup but I won't be making the 5 hour drive to it. Not to mention I'm already seeing most of these bands on the Monster Of Rock Cruise. I think the only real interesting band I haven't seen or won't be seeing on the cruise is Dangerous Toys. I still wish this festival would consider adding in 2-3 newer type acts like Crazy Lixx, H.e.a.t, Eclipse, etc, etc. It just gets old seeing 90% of the bands on this bill being the same bands every year. Eventually this festival is going to die as there won't be any bands to play it. I think these newer bands would go over well if put in front of that audience when they see these bands are blowing those old bands away. I like what the MORC is doing by working in some newer bands, Europeans bands, etc. They've got a nice mix of new and old on the next cruise and can't wait to be there.
  13. 90 second samples of all songs up on I Tunes. Specifically I found on I Tunes Sweden. All I can say is Wow. Definitely some combination of their first 4 albums all mashed together to my ears. I'm not hearing much at all here, if anything at all that reminds me of Into The Great Unknown. I'd probably say Address The Nation is the best starting point for a comparison if I had to pick. Mostly just some kick ass AOR melodic hard rock if that makes any sense lol. Either way, definitely digging what I'm hearing.
  14. First review I've seen of the new H.e.a.t album. It's in Spanish so google translate is a little spotty, but can still get the gist of it. Sounding pretty good https://viriaor.wordpress.com/2019/11/28/h-e-a-t-ii-2020-gain-music-review/ When you have done preterite work full of quality and talent you always have the hope that one day you will recover the brightness of then. Examples are hundreds, not always fairies reach the brain in time when composing music. But this time, and we are in luck ... if they have. An army of fairies that could pale the hordes of the army of white walkers of Game of Thrones, have locked themselves together with Dalone, Jona Tee or Erik Grönwall to compose a disc that is finally at the height expected of a group that took his first three albums at a dazzling height and his last two clearly lower. I will not make blood for it, I just clarify it because many people who like me were disappointed, just tell them that when they hear this new rebirth called, HEAT II will simply hallucinate. Because again they have decided to return to the melodic paths that they rightly trodden and they have done it with tremendously well composed songs, performed and executed from the most absolute perfection. They are a sample of what they can get to give, how much they know about this style of Rock and that since their sixth studio album, they already have enough seniority to get a record crammed with hits and potential singles. It is difficult to choose a single theme. From the crushing sound of Dave Dalone to the guitars, to a few keyboards of Jona Tee wisely integrated into each theme, now yes, Erik shines at an extraordinary height, where the power of his choruses full of energy and compositional talent gives the album A taste of the usual melodic rock. When you first hear the Rock your body keyboards together with the firepower that covers Dalone's guitar, you're just going to freak out. Erik dominates the scene like no other, a simple but catchy refrain that enters almost to the first. The thing is that the thing does not stop moving, something is always happening on the subject. Dalone making excesses, the keys decorating everything like a huge musical mosaic, and Erik's voice covering the entire landscape with snow. The bass and the drums are secondary actors but with firm hand bearing the instrumental weight. One of those that Dave is marked when he is angry, full of class and difficulty. And without time to catch breath, we get a tremendous march Dangerous ground with a beastly guitar and choirs that reminds me of the best bands of the genre. Much more melodic than I expected but with a devastating firepower. This live has to sound fable, an authentic ode to talent that can be demonstrated by the best Nightranger , and I assure you that I do not exaggerate anything. Hence my face of amazement ... of real amazement at the great song they just showed me. And not happy with these unimaginable levels of high-level talent, they mark Come Clean , another sign that at the time of composing this album something has had to happen to them ... they have also abducted them, perhaps OdinHe has sent his mythological warriors with his famous sacred scrolls endowed with infinite wisdom, because if not, I do not understand. This is available to few people, because to compose with this level of quality we must visit certain scholars who proclaim in the caves of the Dead Sea the knowledge that give rise to the wisdom of life. It is of a quality that this song will leave in diapers almost everything you have heard throughout this year, saving the unbeatable album of Work of Art. It causes me such intense sensations, that I have a sweaty forehead, something like if I had been doing 100 push-ups Marine style of the Seals brushing the mud of the puddles with the tip of the nose.Image result of HEAT "II" I recognize that he has not given me time to recover when Victory explodes before my nose , a catchy melodic Hard song that causes me to devote my most absolute attention. The things that happen around me are unimportant because I am listening to one of the best songs that I remember this band. Erik who was never too appreciated for my personal hobby that is surely just that, a stupid hobby, is absolutely brilliant. Sing at a stratospheric level, it is certainly at the level of the band, Jona Tee is marked a tremendous keyboard solo to which Dalone responds as only the best know how to do. Sometimes the theme seems more Central European metal but the melody load that carries the theme sweeps everything around it. We are gods has a beginning of the best Whitesnake of 1987, although here I have to say that to reach such levels, many cereals must still be eaten for breakfast. But I have to admit that the subject is an overwhelming exhibition of continued talent that perhaps sinns too much in some parts with much more power than the subject needs. Even so, it is surprising the evolution (for the better) that Erik has experienced in how he sings today, and what this boy has learned. AdrenalineIt is the clear example of how well the title in question comes to what the subject releases. Because listening to this song, an example of pure melodic talent, will cause an adrenaline rush in your brain that I recommend you do not hear when you are driving, or you will run the risk of accelerating too much how you get carried away by the euphoria that causes listening to this song Overflowing with infinite quality. It is incredible that in what we have of disc the issue has not yet reached the cognazo that almost all the discs have. I've been sweating for a while because this is an unexpected enjoyment, a shake all over my body because it is impossible to stop enjoying this high tech product. You will think that it is already well, there are too many dangerously good subjects followed so that these people continue to harm our brain by an excess of endorphins watering so continuously your hypothalamus. And these people absolutely insensitively, have decided to continue punishing us with One by onewhich is my lords, the great song of the night ... is a crushing discharge with tons of talent brought from beyond what our imagination might suspect. It's so fucking good that you can't hear just once. It happened to me that it was to finish listening to it, and put it back on ... and so on up to 6 times. A true musical portent comes to see us gentlemen, and I hope you are sufficiently prepared or your heart may not be able to withstand so much pleasure so continuously. Even the guitar solo is simply overwhelming. Dalone was always good, but he managed to get to possess the power of the Jedi. Simply immense. Like Erik who has tamed his excellent vocal faculties until he sang in an impressive way. Nothing to say is that part-time with which to hug that beloved person and travel to those moments of past happiness that are still there, in some corner of your memories stored in a trunk hidden by some part of your brain. An excellent song majestically sung and that surely will cause some pinch of satisfaction when you get to hear it because it is a really beautiful song. Heaven must have won an angel makes me wonder how the hell they have done it. But how is this possible? It is not reasonable for me that suddenly these boys have managed to compose with these quality levels without having sold their soul to the devil. It seems to me simply the perfect subject, this gentlemen is pure AOR but not AOR of those easy-going gangs already buried and buried by the sands of time. This is something else. We are again facing a huge theme, another work of art that cannot be composed from human wisdom. Here I am sure that the divine forces have intervened because we are facing a precious issue, everyone will like, even that army of Hatersthat abound so much in the world of music. I think it's a real discovery. A great theme for an album that clashes directly with perfection. As is Under the gun , another explosion of melodic sound with colossal choruses and a crushing sound of good Rock. I can not explain it only with words, the theme is a real musical orgy, all naked to enjoy an afternoon endowed with the erotic of good music. By the way, the guitar solo is another example of absolute power. And the absolutely bright keys. I can not stop hearing this album, but I begin to suspect that this may become like a drug ... I see myself with a disheveled, sweaty expression, a lost look and enjoying theme after theme that raises my passion to hard to understand limits . To finish fucking it, the album ends with another colossal expression of compositional power called Rise, an overwhelming great song that already from the beginning of the keys you begin to suspect that something big is coming ... until suddenly that sound of guitar, voice, and the rest of the members that devastate everything in its path appear. It is so spectacular that you simply cannot believe that you are facing such an extraordinary overexposure of melodic quality. The theme is so good, with choirs around here, over there, that damn guitar that takes you completely out of your comfort zone, and takes your cerebellum to the limit of pleasant suffering that can provide you with such good songs. This is like having a continuous orgasm of about 45 minutes that this fucking melodic masterpiece of this century lasts. Listening to this album many times cannot be healthy. It is so shocking that it will take your brain to the limit, so much pleasure together is impossible to process properly. Frankly I am overwhelmed because I did not expect this. These guys are too good, I knew they could mess it up, what I did not expect is that it was possibly the best album not this year, since it comes out in February, but what goes on this century ... but it is simply impossible to process in the breadth that this album deserves because they have long exceeded my expectations. I can not stop listening to it from the moment it has fallen into my hands and I, I assure you, have more important things to do in my life ... what happens is that for now I can not stop doing it ... I hope it does not reach you catch you this way ... who knows ... For me they deserved the perfect grade. It does not have a filling theme, a true miracle in the times. What is certain is that it will be one of the best albums you will hear in a long time, and that gentlemen ... is already a privilege. 100%
  15. Official info. All looking good except the DIGIPAK I despise those things. Looks like I'll be ordering from Japan as they usually still do jewel cases there. Probably will be some good bonus track I'll want anyways. http://melodicrock.com/articles/news-feed/2019/11/27/heat-ii-out-february-21?fbclid=IwAR2cSII85iFxsqQmEiQWNL3LtjGZfl_pxamLvuRSs2iKI-bqcFsJhe_3QA0 “H.E.A.T II” is the first album by Swedish hard rock sensation H.E.A.T to be produced entirely by the band - with Jona Tee and Dave Dalone as producers. This album goes back to the band’s beginnings, redefining the raw H.E.A.T sound – a sound that oozes classic rock coolness paired with the snotty confidence of one of rock and roll’s most talented bands today. “This is what we would sound like if we made a debut album 2019, hence the title.” “H.E.A.T II” will be released on February 21, 2020 via earMUSIC. “H.E.A.T II” will be available as CD Digipak, Vinyl and Digital on 21st February 2020 via earMUSIC. I've also seen elsewhere that the next single Come Clean should be out around 1/10/20 and the last single Dangerous Ground out around 1/31/20.
  16. Yeah....I saw a post just last week that mixing/mastering was done. Not sure why the delay....maybe the label pushed them back or something. Probably will see a single in early/mid January and then another in February around the album release I'd guess. I was hoping it would be out before the Monster of Rock Cruise but should hopefully still get to hear a couple new songs on the ship
  17. Saw on FB somewhere that the new album release date might now be Feb 21, 2020. Don't quote me on it though. Also saw the next single should be out in January called "Come Clean". And unofficial tracklist for the album: 1. Rock Your Body 2. Dangerous Ground 3. Come Clean 4. Victory 5. We Are Gods 6. Adrenaline 7. One By One 8. Nothing to Say 9. Heaven Must Have Won an Angel 10. Under The Gun 11. Rise
  18. Looking forward to this but proceeding with caution being that they have a new singer. Music sounding good...vocals will be the key for me.
  19. Really? I think it's the opposite for me....Loving it more with each listen. Even starting to dig If You Want Peace and Slave Driver when I didn't care for those much initially. Again though, being so late to Pretty Maids this almost feels like their 4th album to me so maybe I'm not so worn out on them of have quite the same basis of comparison. For me it's between this or Crazy Lixx for my #1 spot this year with Defiants very close behind in third. It's really splitting hairs though....Love all 3 of these.
  20. I do feel like Leppard is still sounding great and putting on excellent shows. The only problem is how uninspired their setlists are outside of their Vegas shows. It's tough getting excited about a 15 song setlist that will be 13 of the same songs they play on every tour. As for Crue, I saw them on their last tour and they were downright horrible. It's a shame as I was a big fan of them back in the day and they always put on fantastic shows. These days though, Vince holds the mic to the crowd for the crowd to sing every other line while Mick Mars looks like a hologram statue off to the side. It's pretty painful to watch outside of the girl dancers. As for Poison, they're still pretty good but again the setlist is boring as can be and they'll play the same 8 songs with CC's guitar solo and Rikki's drum solos. Their act never changes and we know they don't have any new songs to bring to the table. 15 years ago this would've been a great bill but I have little desire to see this now. I'd rather take that money and travel to see new bands that are making good new music. And that's coming from a big Leppard fan lol.
  21. Digging this tune. Has about a 1 min 40 sec intro included here that is separate on the album.
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