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    CD is not added

    It's a great hard rock site to me. So many Information I have got from here about the rock albums. Maximum number of artists or bands are available here. A few number of artists are not available like courtney love, nirvana, hole (courtney love's band) etc. Hole is a band like meldrum. If meldrum added then why not hole? So please try to fullfill it. Anyway again I'm saying it's really excellent site to me. That's all. Bye everybody.
  2. MetaLWhore

    CD is not added

    The Album of Courtney Love America's Sweetheart is Not Added in This Site.
  3. MetaLWhore

    Wrong Origin

    Thanks for your reply. Good day.
  4. MetaLWhore

    Wrong Origin

    Thanks for your reply. I know at the early years she worked with Joan Jett. Anyway thank you very much. Good day.
  5. MetaLWhore

    Wrong Origin

    I Think Lita Ford's Origin From U.K, Not From U.S.A. Please Check It. Thanks.

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