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  1. Speaking of Skin & Bones...There is a cassette from a seller on ebay claiming Skin & Bones did a demo in 1999...I don't think this is the same skin & Bones even tho the seller says it is. On the cover it says Chicago. Link is https://www.ebay.com/itm/SKIN-BONES-3-TRACKS-1999-HAIR-METAL-GLAM-DEMO-MEGA-RARE-UNRELEASED-TRACKS/283252508730?hash=item41f32a483a:g:4gQAAOSwr4Zb5c0X:rk:5:pf:1
  2. Landslide -Is Hard Rock/Bad Reputation/Demos The Hysterics- Take it Sleazy Pretty Boy Floyd - Public Enemies (Japan Version) Bigfoot S/T (Japan Version)
  3. Purchased Jaimz Vokins - Time Machine Midnight Crisis NYC Previous weeks: Bigfoot - S/T and previous eps The Erotics - United We Can't Stand The Erotics - 20 Years of Nothing To Show For It Tricounty Terror - Revenge Mystery 2013 Breaker Breaker - Wreckin' Machine (vinyl)
  4. The cd is available now thru bandcamp. http://skarletrock.bandcamp.com/album/sk-rlet
  5. Just ordered mine from the band. Beware of sellers on ebay selling this for 75 dollars.
  6. I love the different vocals styles on this cd!
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