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  1. 6 hours ago, Stefan said:

    Brian May - Back To The Light (2 CD Deluxe Edition)

    Release Date: 06 August 2021


    From queenonlinestore.com:

    Back to the Light was Brian May’s first full solo album. Released in 1992, it made the top 10 in the UK charts of that year. While Brian played most of the instruments on the album, it features guest appearances by Cozy Powell and Deep Purple’s Don Airey, as well as Queen’s John Deacon.

    The album contains the hit singles Driven by You and Too Much Love Will Kill You, plus Resurrection and the instrumental Last Horizon, which became a perennial Queen live highlight.

    This acclaimed album has long been unavailable in any format. Its timely re-issue in a variety of formats has been supervised by Brian himself, along with co-producer Justin Shirley-Smith, and Kris Fredriksson, long-time Queen art designer Richard Gray, and Bob Ludwig, who has newly mastered the entire collection.

    Presented in a 6 panel digi pack with a 24-page booklet containing photos and album notes. The first CD is the original album Back to the Light newly re-mastered by Bob Ludwig from the original master tapes, personally overseen by Brian May. The second CD Out of the Light, contains alternative versions, B-Sides and live tracks.


    Back To The Light

    1 The Dark

    2 Back To The Light

    3 Love Token

    4 Resurrection

    5 Too Much Love Will Kill You

    6 Driven By You

    7 Nothin' But Blue

    8 I'm Scared

    9 Last Horizon

    10 Let Your Heart Rule Your Head

    11 Just One Life

    12 Rollin' Over


    Out Of The Light

    1 Nothin' But Blue (Guitar Version)

    2 Too Much Love Will Kill You (Guitar Version)

    3 Just One Life (Guitar Version)

    4 Driven By You Two

    5 Driven By You (Ford Ad Version)

    6 Tie Your Mother Down (Featuring Slash) - Live on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 5th April 1993

    7 Too Much Love Will Kill You - Live at the Palace Theatre, Los Angeles, 6th April 1993

    8 ’39 / Let Your Heart Rule Your Head - Live at the Brixton Academy 15th June 1993

    9 Last Horizon - Live at the Brixton Academy 15th June 1993

    10 We Will Rock You - Live at the Brixton Academy 15th June 1993

    11 Driven By You (Cozy and Neil Version ’93)

    It would be great if they can put on bonus disc the Star Fleet Project on it.

  2. 15 hours ago, Darkstone said:

    Another cracker soundtrack song from Mike Reno, featuring the great Ann Wilson.

    On a side note for the Aussies, have any of you ever thought that Mike Reno sounds like John Farnham at times?

    I always have.



    No John Farnham is trying sound like Mike Reno.

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  3. 8 hours ago, Stefan said:
    Doc Holliday - Danger Zone
    Doc Holliday - Modern Medicine
    Doc Holliday - Doc Holliday + 2 
    Doc Holliday - Rides Again + 2
    Head East - Get Yourself Up + 4 
    Head East - Gettin' Lucky + 5 
    Head East - Head East + 4
    Head East - U.S. 1
    Head East - Onward And Upward + 4 
    Temple Balls - Pyromide
    The Treatment - Waiting For Good Luck
    AB/CD - Victim Of Rock
    AB/CD - Cut The Crap
    Ya Ya - II
    Gary Moore - How Blue Can You Get
    Out Of This World - Out Of This World + 1 (JAP)
    Vision Fields - Voices
    Greenway - Serious Business
    Return - To The Top
    Cadillac Three - Tabasco & Sweet Tea
    Flesh & Blood - Blues For Daze + 2 
    Intelligent Music Project - Scorcery Inside
    Intelligent Music Project - The Creation
    Intelligent Music Project - Life Motion
    Outlaws - Playin' To Win
    Outlaws - In The Eye Of The Storm
    Outlaws - Ghost Riders
    Outlaws - Los Hombres Malo + 4
    Outlaws - Soldiers Of Fortune
    Prog Collective - Worlds On Hold

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