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    Is that George or later day Radar from m.a.s.h
  2. Paul Young the singer sang with Mike & The Mechanics after this band fold. RIP Paul.
  3. Another worth waiting for.
  4. Trivia for Darkstone, an Australian with Bill wrote the " Funky Gibbon " I cannot remember who it was, but his daughter was on " Spicks & Specks " ( mmm Myf ) and end the show doing her version of the song.
  5. As Darkstone saw when we first met, the store I help or try to we are selling more vinyl than ever. It's mainly the kids who are buying vinyl, where their parents want the CDs.
  6. They say their genre is jazz - soul - disco band, release one album. Later know as L. A.X where they became studio disco band. and release two albums
  7. Man In Motion - Night Ranger
  8. Healthy Man - Freak Kitchen
  9. Metal On Metal - Anvil
  10. He is not even on Melodic Rock's noticeboard, where he used the name RockerX.
  11. One member who been sighted for while is Melodicrockoz. I know he spends a lot time Facebook, telling how great this band or that , or how he got that CD. Last time he was here was 2018.
  12. Debut EP are available for pre order. All pre orders would be autograph by Steve and Danny. Title is " Delirium "., release on the first of July. In a jewel case. Tracks are 1 We Fall 2 Stronger ( song about bullying in schools and society as a whole ) 3 Love's Got A Hold On You 4 Daze Of Delirium. Pre ordered now directly from band at Store 2149008.ecwild.com or contacting the band through their facebook page. Band are stoke of responses they have been getting. Just remember the name, Wicked Smile.
  13. Doggy


    Siegfried & Roy have come out of retirement
  14. Doggy


    What about the grey community , they gets a hour before the mad rash by younger generation . At same time the emergency workers e.g. nurses, ambulance drivers etc. get the same deal. Does that happen in your country. ? When the rule came in effect with our elderly, I saw three guys getting frog march the supermarket cause they were wearing grey wigs
  15. Very touching what you wrote Dan,. Even great that you going start a new group, not many other music forums would go out their way to do similar. Cheers to all.
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