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  1. One Eyed - Cyclone Tracy Such is Life - Call of the Wild Scarred for Life - Rose Tattoo
  2. Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds- upcoming band The Beatles
  3. Bittersweet & Rock Candy cdr and thanks alot David.
  4. Stayin' ALIVE - Dewzil Zappa
  5. ALL the King's Horses - The Firm
  6. Dont Cry- Guns N' Roses
  7. Let THERE be Rock- AC/DC
  8. Unearthed Vol.1 - Y&T Storm the Gate - The Creek Taken By Storm - Bronz
  9. Arms of a Stranger - Signal
  10. After the Rain - SAFIRE
  11. Thanks Capt. Us, Aussies, never got see L A Guns live in Australia. Damn Yankees...... S/T
  12. Tainted Angel - Southgang
  13. Thanks for tip, Captain. I read somewhere that the Brides dont play any LA Guns, is this correct. Valentine S/T
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