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  1. 11 hours ago, CureTheSane said:

    Yeah, I mean I don't know if the cop who had his knee on the the guys neck was senior to the otehr cops?

    Regardless, they didn't know the force that was being applied to the neck, and it seems to be some kind of standard tacktic in arresting some people to make that move.

    As for racism, events like this make me realise just how racist my country isn't.
    I mean we have our aboriginal rights etc, and accusations from time to time of racism on public transport etc, usually coming from lower social economic people.
    But we are a very multicultural society here, and seem to be quite accepting.
    Of course tehre are the usual comments from time to time, some passive in jokes, others not so passive and innocent (usually from the older generation, or from the crowd who have the southern cross tattoos on their legs)

    As I said earlier, hard to comment on US stuff, and I'm sure the degree of racism varies from state to state and area to area within each state.

    but John Corabi spelled ot a pretty fair stance on what is going on over theren a Facebook post.
    Hard to equate rioting, looting , shootings, etc etc toany kind of reasonable protest, and all it does is direct attention away from the original issue.

    Give me a break, There is racism in Australia. AFL had stamp it out after that incedent with Nicky Winmar. People who don't listen and  keep up abusing the player with their filthy mouth , get their membership, if they are member, suspend.

    With virus going around, I was on the 901 bus to Dandenong there was a guy yelling at any Asian getting on the " Where's your mask ? ".

  2. Imagine if it death in custody what happens up in Northern Territory , which hasn't happen for awhile. The chaos what would happen  down here in lower states. You will see the true aborigines, not the the second or third generations appearing  Darkstone.

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