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  1. 8 hours ago, CureTheSane said:

    Not sure if it's been the case in other places, but in my state, no double jab = no work in health care, police force, construction & trades, and all retail.
    Looks like if you haven't had both jabs you also won't be allowed to shop in retail as well.

    So health care, duh, but all other areas, I mean I HATE mandatory jabs in these areas, and so do many people as well.
    I know a shitload of people who have been forced to leave their jobs.

    Now for me this is a fucking stoopid decision, but they are so passionate against having a 5G chip injected into them or whatever, that they are leaving their jobs. Great if you're looking for a new job, they are everywhere.

    The policing of people in shopping centres will be interesting.
    We are expected to reach 80% double jabbed on 29 Oct and 90% on 10 Nov.

    The big nobs of Cricket Australia, are thinking that players have to  be double jab before they get on the park.

    Last season they brought in a rule if the hit for four or six it's only fielder can touch the ball, so spectors cannot throw ball back in.


  2. 2 hours ago, Darkstone said:

    My mates and I were never really Chapel Street kinda guys back in the day.

    I have great memories of "The Fun Factory" and "The Soda Sisters" when I was a kid though.

    So you never went Chasers " Outlaw - Loud & Fast " . It was like the Cathouse in St Kilda, but on Chapel St

    Corner had some great bands going through doors, Faith No More, Tatts, Mike Tramp, Jeff Scott Soto where he done two nights Queen tribute on the first night and his own solo stuff the next night , etc.


  3. 17 hours ago, CureTheSane said:

    As Geoff said, freedom day tomorrow, as we have got to 70% double vaxxed.
    Will be at 80% around 30 Oct and 90% 10 Nov

    But the 'freedoms' are pretty limited
    I mean the curfew is gone.
    But all retail still closed, masks outside and inside, shitloads of people leaving their jobs because they won't get jabbed.
    We supply a wholefoods store and they have lost more than half (22) of their staff .

    Woken to sound of Harley's at 1 minute pass 12 , the local bikies were off to the local bar.

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