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  1. 4 hours ago, lettard said:

    Jeepers...what happened to these guys,loved Revolution,wasnt  mad on Liberation but this a different kettle of fish,they sound like theyre tryin to be H.E.A.T at times and Dynazty at times without actually hitting it,also on this they have a few that remind me of Evanescence... :(  can safetly say I'll never listen to this again.

    Agreed. Very disappointing. The few Dynazty type tracks are probably the best of the bunch but I am not really liking this disc at all.

    I want the debut band back pronto!

  2. 1 hour ago, Glen said:

    I won't be listening to it. haven't really taken to any of tracks so far which is a shame as I do think the debut was very good. 


    4 hours ago, Crazysam said:

    I had a hard time listening to this one, between the vocal effects and the poor job mixing/mastering of the album it started giving me a headache towards the end.  If you can get passed the overall sound issues there are a few solid tracks, but overall I just didn't enjoy this 

    I agree with you both. Very hard to listen to and it's just not very good. No song even approaching 8/10 except maybe Tell Me Why, and even that's a stretch.

  3. On 6/26/2019 at 11:23 AM, heavyharmonies said:

    Am actually listening to Helix - Old School today, and IMO this is probably the best thing they've done in several decades.

    Info from Scott Waters: It's not old recordings that are just pressed to vinyl. These are all new recordings by the current line-up of the band. It's a new record of songs that were written back in the 80's and never properly recorded till now.

  4. On 8/31/2019 at 3:20 AM, Glen said:

    Are You Ready to Rock (remix).

    They've been rehashing those songs ever since.

    the last three albums have been great but v unoriginal. I did love Monumentum - that would be 2nd for me with Bleed & Scream a close 3rd.

    The new album samples sound worryingly weak but hoping it will be good. 

    Agreed. Also agree that with each release, they seem to take a slight step back. Still solid stuff but a little samey. 

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