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  1. They have changed names by now....they call themself Darkh...used to have Bitch&Chips play on my birthday party...really nice fellows. Get their ep...it's cheap and it's really good!!
  2. Great band, nice people....saw them playing with Skid Row a couple of months ago....they didn't mention a new cd but looking forward to it!!
  3. Saw them live in Belgium for about uhm.... 7 or 8 people...but it was loads of fun!!!
  4. I have already seen a couple of shows by Rammstein and I have to admit, they know how to put up a great show. You can't help but enjoying it. I speak Dutch so I understand what they are singing about (lots of funny shit) but what makes it so impressive is how they act on stage.
  5. I received mine pretty quickly, but they forgot to include a Hardcore Superstar cd......I mentioned it to them but haven't heard from them since.... Hopefully your copy is somewhere delayed in the mail...
  6. The since long sold out Crashdiet - Rest in sleaze DVD will be reissued in november. I have no information if the signed poster and extra's are available as well..... You can pre-order it on http://www.crashdiet.org/webshop/ There will also be a dvd available of their Unattractive revolution tour. Greetings Jan
  7. The cd/dvd limited edition package is no longer available.....
  8. I followed your advise I also grabbed a Hanoi Rocks t-shirt + some Babylon Boms singels + the Mama Kin cd as well. I have a demo cd somewhere at home from them which I really liked so I'm curious about the cd.
  9. I got both of their demo's/ep's and also just paid for shipping!!!! Great way to get noticed.
  10. Here's what I got: Extreme: best of Easy action Innocent Rosie The Almighty XXX Bai Bang Funny Money American Heartbreak Babylon AD Nasty Idols several cd's Jetboy Glorious Bankrobbers cd + dvd The 69 Eyes Crazy Lixx Japanese version Roxx Gang Cherry Lips Syanide Kick That's it.....
  11. The Cult Anouk (dutch female singer who got famous about 10 years ago with the song Nobody's Wife) Black Stone Cherry Deathstars The 69 Eyes Hardcore Superstar Lipstixx 'n Bulletz Channel Zero ........that's all folks
  12. I heard it was limited to 25 packages.....but who can tell I received my first package this week with about 20 cd's, I'm waiting for my second package now with the Innocent Rosie stuff.
  13. Swedmetal is offering a new live cd/dvd package from Innocent Rosie. It is supposed to be a limited edition... http://www.swedmetal.com/prodDetails.aspx?prodID=16329 Also lots of cd's are on sale through Swedmetal.....anf if the checkout page is not working, e-mail them directly with your want list and they'll send you an invoice through paypal.
  14. I've also got their cd's ....... but they remind me of Tokio Hotel right now.....yuk
  15. And ebay doesn't want to intervene as he is a good 'client' of them?
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