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  1. Any bulletboys concert info??
  2. My girl watches this and it is some of the worst garbage on television.. I would rather watch the real world..Atleast then I may see a good looking girl or two..
  3. Huge Crue fan here... I ignored the self titled album for so long and then when I finally grew up and gave it a listen it blew my mind..Amazing Disc. I am still a huge Neil fan as my name suggests but this album is great!
  4. Crosby needs to find his balls and step up if the Pens want any chance!
  5. The band that is on the Transformers album and the band that released "Back Like Fire" are two different bands.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has come across this band or heard any of their tunes.. I worked with the lead singer a few years back and he gave me a couple of his discs.. I listened to it and i think it is pretty good stuff.. Just wondering if this made it out of the upstate NY area..and if someone wants a listen PM and let me know the best way to get them a listen.. Thanks Tony
  7. I found a Guns N' Roses Disc hat I have never seen today and was wondering if anybody had any info on it and if it is any kind of rarity.. It is called Thorns n' Bullets from U.S.A.- Its an import from Italy on Live Storm records.. UPC 8014224515709- Thanks for the help in advance. Tony
  8. Hey guys just wondering if somebody could steer me towards some 80's pop/new wave tunes.. Stuff like Frankie goes to hollywood, Dexy's midnight runners.. Shit like that..Very Green on that music genre and would like to know some input on good albums and groups.. Thanks.. Tony
  9. Just a heads up not sure if this has been mentioned.. Both the Bulletboys and Great White have albums due out in the near future... Bulletboys is called 10cent billionaire and Great Whites is called Rising. The Bulletboys have announced a small tour as well!
  10. Fight- A Small Deadly Space James Blunt-Back to Bedlam Noisy Mama- Everybody has one. Bar 7- The world is a freak White Lion- Return of the Pride
  11. Welcome to the HH board Tony! :D

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