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  1. really looking forward to it!
  2. dokken

    ice age cd

    good old swedish female metal band ice age has anyone herd of them? anyway, there should be an demo cd put out by their former manager that may not be that legal! does anyone know where to get it? thanx!
  3. crazy lixx opening for gilby clarke, crazy lixx had just released their first single, so i didn´t know much baout the band at that time. i wnt to show to see gilby who sucked ass, but crazy lixx really blew me away that night! the almighty opening for alice cooper in 91, great band,great songs! the wildhearts opening for the darkness! i am a huge wildhearts fan so it was really great!
  4. icon-s/t icon-night of the crime
  5. didn´t tracii try out for limp bizkit as well on his journey to stardom?
  6. what about logan? are they still around? saw them opening for diamond head some years back at king tuts
  7. i would say american hardcore by l.a. guns, tragic & pathetic in my opinion!
  8. what´s your 5 worst shows ever? here´s mine: 1.bai bang 2.gilby clarke 3.crashdiet w/dave leppard 4.lita ford 2009 5.manowar
  9. totally agree! who the fuck needs an cd-r disc?
  10. ordered me a copy too, haven´t payed for it yet though as i choose paypal, i´ll guess they will send me an invoice! by the way hope that it´s silver pressed!
  11. i would love to see steve priest´s version of sweet, saw andy scott´s a couple of years ago & it didn´t impress me at all!
  12. sound great! but, what ever happened to the jet red cd?
  13. dokken

    CRISS 6

    wonder if he's touring Australia witrh PBF? he is on the posters for the swedish dates in dec, when is pbf coming to australia?
  14. dokken

    CRISS 6

    is the bass player for pretty boy floyd right now, who is he? what bands/cds has he played on? thanx!
  15. dokken

    Nasty Idols

    perris has bonus tracks as well i guess on both cruel & vicious
  16. does anyone know if the band stars on mars ever put anything out? or if there will be anything released in the near future?
  17. dare-out of the silence tony carey-blue highway signal-loud & clear survivor-when seconds count harem scarem-s/t is what i can think of right now
  18. yeah i wonder that too, website says feb 10th but nowhere to order or how much they will cost
  19. It's a cdr? What the Fuck!!! I'm glad I didn't!!! yeah it´s a cd-r, i found it on cdbaby & when i read the fine print it said that!
  20. has anyone bought the bands own re-issue cd? i know it´s a cd-r w/bonus tracks, but is it made proffesionally with pictures,lyrics & liner notes?
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