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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the help, i will probably try to get the Rockdetector and Swedish Encyclopedia too, altough the latter is not very easy to find (damn, even the BOOKS are rare :D )


    I have read the Dirt, and you're right, its awesome, biographies don't (can't) get any better :P


    Swedish Encyclopedia will be re-relased with both part 1 & 2 + updates somwhere in the near future, i spoke to the the author not long ago, it´s gonna be a big, big book!

  2. Bai Bang have a new album coming out (of the blue for me) in July through AOR/Metal-Heaven Records called "Livin' my Dream".


    Samples for 3 songs are available on Metalheaven...use the player on the right side of the page.


    I like them quite a lot, especially "Come on".


    i really look forward to the new album, samples sounds great!

  3. finally got me a cd for a good price! what i wonder is; what do we know about the band? did they tour or did they only play local? what are the member up to today? anyone knows where to get hold of the members? there used to be an e-mail adress on there old website but that don´t seem to work!

    i read somewhere that that they have many unreleased songs laying around, hopefully they will be released someday!



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