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  1. Sundell/Rydholm of Grand Illusion, christmas cd released in 95, and handed out to employes at a local buisness here in Sweden, a very low amount of cds was made.
  2. Or Vanity music group? Bought from them bout a year ago and no problems. Ordered Bad habit cd bout 5 weeks ago and have not recived. Have tried to mail, but no answer! Anyone else who had have problems?
  3. Nitrate White widdow Creye Midnite city
  4. Just bought Blackeyed susan cd. Very friendly and fast shipping!
  5. beginning of august i have grand illusion playing a hometown gig, weekend after that pretty boy floyd is coming, if they show up this time!
  6. i really dig everything that ted does! think of u is one of the best songs ever!
  7. Swedish Encyclopedia will be re-relased with both part 1 & 2 + updates somwhere in the near future, i spoke to the the author not long ago, it´s gonna be a big, big book!
  8. saw the band live about a week ago here in sweden, pretty good band!
  9. i really look forward to the new album, samples sounds great!
  10. no shipping outside the US
  11. pretty cool disc, not the best but it has it´s moments.
  12. saw them last year, i thought they put on a killer show!
  13. you will: "he has committed to perform with ICED EARTH on all 2011 European festival dates, which will be his last with the band."
  14. great show, around 100 people came, band hung out signed stuff & talked after the show
  15. tonight sister sin plays my hometown! redbull/vodka & miller, tonight it´s party time!
  16. gotta have the new one, first was a killer!
  17. finally got me a cd for a good price! what i wonder is; what do we know about the band? did they tour or did they only play local? what are the member up to today? anyone knows where to get hold of the members? there used to be an e-mail adress on there old website but that don´t seem to work! i read somewhere that that they have many unreleased songs laying around, hopefully they will be released someday! thanx
  18. yeah what´s up? can anyone confirm if suncity is no more or what?
  19. didn´t do anything for me, kinda boring to be honest!
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