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  1. Chevelle-Wonder What's Next Iced Earth-The Dark Saga The Kinks-Come Dancing With The Kinks The Smithereens-A Date With The Smithereens Supertramp-Retrospectacle Robin Trower-Bridge of Sighs VH1-Storytellers Steve Winwood-Roll With It
  2. I wouldn't lie to you.Get ready for the X-Mas music !
  3. :rant:It's a little too early for this stuff to be out in the stores !
  4. So True,LV KIx ! I bought it and it is a pretty good CD from them.Have to agree with Kethdredd though,on the ballad song being terrible.
  5. Savage Amusement-The Scorpions
  6. Elvis Costello and the Attractions-Armed Forces The Craft-Soundtrack Hollywood Undead-Swan Songs Jane's Addiction-Up From the Catacombs QOTSA-Songs For The Deaf(CD/DVD) Kenny Wayne Shepherd-Ledbetter Heights Spirit-The Family That Plays Together Styx-Greatest Hits Part 2
  7. David Bowie-Heroes INXS-Listen Like Thieves The Treatment-This Might Hurt
  8. ^^^^Thanks ! Now some new stuff: Godsmack-1000HP Kix-Rock Your Face Off
  9. Sad Wings of Destiny-Judas Priest
  10. Sorry but I'm in my own league that I run.We're having our draft on Sept.3.We do it at a bar.I'm not a fan of on-line drafting.I like to do it in person with people I know.There are 12 teams in the league and we draft 14 players,no defense/Special teams.It takes around 3 hours to finish.We pay the top 3 winners and also have 4 monthly prizes.
  11. Follow The Leader by Korn starts with song 13.The first 12 songs are 5 seconds each of no sound.
  12. Kerosene Hat by Cracker has 99 songs.Songs 16-68 are in the 4-6 second region,totally blank.Then songs 70-87 are again in the 4 -6 second region and 89-98 as well.
  13. From Ebay: David Bowie-heroes CKY-An Answer Can Be Found Jimi Hendrix-The Ultimate Experience Bob James & David Sanborn-Double Vision INXS-Listen Like Thieves Queensryche-Greatest Hits 3 Doors Down-Another 700 Miles U2-The Best Of 1990-2000
  14. Finally the end of Jarred's CD's-Thanks again ! Now I wish I had time to listen to them all ! Loverboy-Lovin' Every Minute of It Stephen Pearcy-Stripped Kane Roberts-Saints and Sinners Mike Tramp-Songs I Left Behind Y&T-In Rock We Trust
  15. More from Jarred: Gotthard-Made In Switzerland House of Lords-Cartesian Dreams Junkyard-S/T Keel-The Right To Rock L.A.Guns-Waking The Dead
  16. Here's a few I got from Jarred: Dangerous Toys-Hellacious Acres -Pissed Dokken-Dysfunctional -Hell To Pay G'N'R-Greatest Hits
  17. Yep,that's probably it !
  18. Aldo Nova-A Portrait of Aldo Nova Jack White-Lazaretto
  19. I guess there's different annoying things.My latest example is Turbonegro-Scandinavian Leather.Listen to song 7.It says its about 4 minutes long but it really is a little over 2 minutes long.Then it goes into a 2 minute countdown backward as song 8.Then when that's over song 8 comes on. Now you won't notice this if you play it on your computer but you will if you play it in your car or on a CD player. I hope you're right,Freddy and bands stop doing that foolish gimmick.
  20. Hey,you always have to have a back up for your paypal accounts.My paypal account is my checking account but I gave them my credit card number in case I don't have enough money in my checking account to cover what I bought.
  21. What's the deal with these artist that put songs.music,talking,etc... between songs? For example if song 7 is over then you should go right to song 8 .Instead here is the 2 minute countdown,backwards of course,of a snippet of a song.Either make that little snippet a song or don't put it on the CD !
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