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  1. Black Sabbath-Headless Cross Cheap Trick-Special One Iron Maiden-S/T Iron Maiden-Live at Donington Megadeth-The System Has Failed Night Ranger-Hole in the Sun Starz-Anthology
  2. Somebody must care or they wouldn't be playing all these games overseas.
  3. Please don't bring politics into this LOL
  4. The NFL makes the bad teams travel.
  5. What does anyone think about these games being played overseas? 9:30 AM start time is too early for me.
  6. Got these for $17 at FYE: Drowning Pool-Resilience Loverboy-S/T Duff McKagan's Loaded-Sick Rock Out Loud-Compilation Todd Rundgren-Arena
  7. Brother Cane-S/T Sammy Hagar-Musical Chairs Sammy Hagar-Unboxed Marvelous 3-Hey!Album Mr.Bungle-S/T Don Henley-Cass County
  8. I probably have 50 CD's between JLP and Yes.
  9. Extreme-Best Of House of Pain-Same As It Ever Was New Radicals-Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too.. Santana-Supernatural Joe Satriani-The Extremist
  10. Asia-Phoenix Contraband-S/T Junkyard-S/T Motley Crue-Quaternary Rumbledog-S/T
  11. Black Sabbath-Tyr Dayride Ritual-S/T Hughes /Thrall-S/T Motley Crue-Supersonic Relics The Michael Schenker Group-S/T
  12. Anthrax-442 Bonham-Mad Hatter Brother Cane-Wishpool Danny Joe Brown and the Danny Joe Brown Band-S/T Iron Maiden-Killers Iron Maiden-Fear of the Dark Greg Lake-S/T Greg Lake-Manoeuvres
  13. Five Finger Death Punch-Got Your Six Iron Maiden-The Book of Souls
  14. I'd like to know how many CD's CDJ has ripped and burned ! I'm guessing 5,000 !
  15. Of course I dropped the car off and got a call during the day that the adapter kit didn't come in yet ! I'll try again on Tuesday.
  16. Just noticed last week after playing a CD in my car that the CD(new) had a couple of light scratches on it.Went back and checked the last couple of CD's and sure enough,the scratches were on them also ! So today I'll be dropping the car off to get a new receiver !
  17. Time for the Buckeyes to repeat !
  18. I'm gonna pick up the new CD by them !
  19. A Perfect Circle-Thirteenth Step Autograph-Sign In Please Black Label Society-Mafia Iron Maiden-The X Factor Queensryche-Take Cover Shadow King-S/T Disturbed-Immortalized Fall Out Boy-American Beauty/American Psycho
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