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  1. Another big issue with bees is that I get stung mowing the lawn.Whatever happened to bees building hives way up on a rooftop or eaves? Now all I see are bees buzzing around holes in the ground.But of course I don't see the holes until I mow over them and then they converge on me ! Don't they understand that they fly and if the build their hives way up I'll leave them alone.Are bees getting lazy or just dumber?Now comes the fun part for me as the bee sting now itches like a bastard ! :angry2:

  2. From Tankcrimes:


    Instant Asshole-Straight Edge Failure

    Cannabis Corpse- Tube Of The Resinated

    Cannabis Corpse- Blunted At Birth

    Population Reduction-Each Birth A New Disaster



    Ace In The Hole Records (Columbus Ohio):


    Turbonegro- Fuck The World (F.T.W.)


    Dog Faced Gods- Stoned Council

    Fatal Force- Fatal Force

    Greg Howe- Uncertain Terms

    Henry Lee Summer-Henry Lee Summer

    The Street Walkin Cheetahs- Live On KXLU


    Half Price Books (Columbus, Ohio)


    Heart- Red Velvet Car

    Lunachicks- Jerk Of All Trades

    Pandemic- Infecting The World


    Capital City Records:


    No Sky Today- No Sky Today




    American Dog - Hard On The Road

    Looks like your trip to Ohio was rewarding !

  3. One of the CD's was 5FDP-Wrong Side of Heaven.... It also includes a live CD and Best Buy had the lowest price.The other CD was The Rides-Can't Get Enough,which is a Best Buy exclusive that included 3 more songs and a DVD.

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