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  1. I'm sure we can debate every group to decide where they fit in and I might agree with you on many or most of them.The point is something you just brought up,why start a new category if it gets no traffic.I think Modern Rock would get a fair amount of traffic if given its own category .Like I've said before,putting groups,like Halestorm,into AOR or Hard Rock will probably get no posts because they would get lost among other groups.Just look at the categories and you'll see that AOR and Hard Rock has more topics and replies than all the other groups combined ! That's where the traffic is.Take Prog Rock-114 topics in 6 1/2 years and 113 topics in the same time frame for Christian Rock.That's not even 2 topics a month for those categories.


    Like Glen said most of the newer bands get discussed in the AOR/Hard Rock category but that category is inundated with topics and replies.Why not break it up a little.And let's find out who's listening to modern rock.I know in 2013 Avenged Sevenfold and Five Finger Death Punch put out great CD's,certainly worthy of being mentioned in any top 5 list.I know they made mine !

  2. To me all the music categories are classic rock.I'm not asking for every modern rock category to be broken down like that,Just add Modern Rock as a category.

    And active rock stations are like top 40 stations.They play what's new.That doesn't mean they're not playing groups from 10 years ago because their music isn't modern enough.Avenged Sevenfold has the top song right now and they've been around over 10 years.And their music sounds pretty similar to what it did 10 years ago.

  3. I would say that modern rock would most likely be heard on active rock radio stations.There seem to be a few people who don't like this music for whatever reason so it should have its own category or many topics started with these bands would get lost.There's enough of these groups that don't fit into the other categories.Where would 5FDP go or RHC ? To me Korn is still modern rock-even 20 years after releasing their first CD.There is a stigma that everything that came after grunge is modern rock so I guess that's where the line is drawn.


    I would put Limp Bizkit in with Korn,more like nu-metal.And Manson would go in with NIN,more like industrial rock.But they're all under the blanket of modern rock.Is BFS Bowling for soup? If so they would go with Weezer.

  4. So looking this up Dream Theater is considered progressive metal? I thought Tool would be modern rock but I guess they are progressive metal.But I consider ELP to be prog rock and they are in the same category as Tool.That makes as much sense as Jethro Tull and Metallica being in the same category !

  5. Yes,Listen to KarpetRyd ! Here are the music categories1)AOR and Hard Rock 2)Sleaze Glam 3)Heavy Metal 4)Christian Rock and Metal 5)Prog Rock and Metal


    We need a 6th Category-Modern Rock

    Groups like the ones I mentioned should have their own category and not be lumped in with other musical styles like classical,rap,jazz,etc...

    What exactly is Prog Rock and Metal? Is there such a thing as metal prog rock?

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