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  1. I'm late to the party but i just donated. Love this site, and i link to it from my site, so i wanna support it.
  2. @Darkstone i'll get to adding these as soon as i can. I'm in South Louisiana and we're getting our first "cold front' on Sunday (It'll be 30º on Monday morning) so i’m cooking a Turkey Andouille sausage gumbo.
  3. An interesting thing to note about the Porky's scene is that they did it in one shot, the camera never stopped.
  4. To fellow metalheads near and far ... Happy Thanksgiving. May your bird be moist and your stuffing filling.
  5. Oh HELL YES ... on of my faves ... the coaches in the back ... man, i'm dying
  6. For once i agree with Trunk ... i can't believe it.
  7. No, a virus with a 99% success rate if you're healthy ... i'll pass.
  8. Hey Darkstone, Your suggestions are added ... thanks so much!
  9. Featuring Steve Blaze of Lillian Axe and original Lillian Axe singer Johnny Vines.
  10. OK, all the updates are on the live site now
  11. i've posted a couple of times about my SITE that is attempting to create a comprehensive list of all Hard Rock, AOR, Hair Metal, etc. Power Ballads. I'm also trying out some new features (not unlike what we have here on heavyharmonies) that you can check out HERE. Thanks!
  12. i've made some additions to the list HERE. Also check out THIS PAGE where i'm testing out some new features.
  13. My site is attempting to create THE comprehensive list of power ballads. Check it out!
  14. A followup to my post from December 2011: I'm ^STILL^ compiling a list of Hair Band/AOR/Hard Rock ballads. The list so far can be viewed HERE. So far you guys have been amazing in suggesting ballads that I was missing. If you have any that i should include, let me know. Thanks guys! Quote
  15. Thanks so much for all the suggestions, were now at 1027 songs!!,
  16. Kik Tracee - Center of a Tension. Been looking for years.
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